Dream Fulfillment - part 6

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Dream Fulfillment - part 6

Postby Northern Chill » November 27th, 2010, 7:45 pm

Dream Fulfillment


Northern Chill

Author's note: This is a serial based on the characters from the Metrobay Universe, created by Finister Foul and Dr. Robo at HiPComix.com and MCcomix.com. The theme of the story picks up on a panel from the story "Tough Love" found there. Given the nature of what happens during this serial, think of this happening on an alternate earth where Crissy, one of the main characters in this serial, is presented with an opportunity to fulfill a secret wish known only to one person in Metrobay. In doing so, however, things may change for others as well.

Chapter 6 - Changing the atmosphere

Kendra McDonald was unhappy to say the least and the source of her agitated state was the document that had been given her earlier in the day. Kendra was the owner of the largest entertainment complex in northern Metrobay and had used the business success over the years to acquire stakes in several other businesses in the city and surrounding communities. However, out of the blue, she was presented an offer sheet by a lawyer named Janice Prissman, who Kendra thought was strictly a divorce attorney. As Kendra looked over the document, she saw that the amount offered was less than half of what her entertainment complex was worth and the offer originated from a company affiliated with Max Indeks, a man who made her skin crawl whenever they met at charity functions and similar affairs.

" If a snake like Max thinks he's going to get my business for pennies on the dollar and use it for god knows what, he's got another thing coming, " Kendra mentally fumed as she sipped her cup of coffee and looked at her laptop to see how her stock portfolio was doing in the late afternoon trading.

" Hmmm, might have to look into investing in that MCCX stock. Looks like it's primed to go up quite a bit in the future. Maybe after I've fended off this takeover bullshit by Max, I'll see about moving some money into that stock, " Kendra mused as she clicked through several web pages and stared at the different graphs and charts that appeared.

A short time later, Kendra was just finishing her viewing of her portfolio and was about to contact her stockbroker Stewart to see about portfolio diversification when she heard a knock at the front door followed by a loud thump and several heavy footsteps.

" Probably some freeloader looking for a handout or something like that. I'll let Wendell handle the...OHHHH!!! " Kendra thought to herself as she got up and went to look out a window before she was interrupted by the sight of her butler Wendell hurtling into the room and landing on the floor where he laid still.

" This. Home. Has. Been. Deem. Ed. Need. Ed. For. The. Same. Ness. You. Will. Join. The. Same. Ness. And. Serve. The. Mis. Tress, " Mechana intoned as she walked stiffly into the room and in the direction of Kendra.

" Yeah, right. Pardon me if I don't walk away with you to have that done to me, " Kendra replied as she turned and headed for the nearest door as fast as she could run. However, when she got to the closest door and yanked it open, Kendra was, to say the least, unhappy with what she saw waiting for her.

" You. Can. Not. Escape. Your. Des. Tiny. You. Will. Join. The. Same. Ness. And. Serve, " a drone dressed in a skin tight catsuit who used to be a security guard named Janet intoned.

" Sorry, but my destiny lies in being able to make my own decisions! " Kendra exclaimed as she quickly turned and ducked out of the lunging fembot's attempted grasp. Knowing that Mechana would be quickly upon her, Kendra darted out of the room, across the hallway and into her private library. In there, Kendra smacked a button that revealed a concealed entrance to her panic room that she had built years ago in the event some scourge of Metrobay tried to kidnap her and extort money for her release.

" This door was built to withstand the strongest of blows from any of those spandex clad heroines in Metrobay. Even if those two bitches are stronger than that, it'll take them a little while to get through and that is time for me to take a little trip down my dad's old bootlegging tunnel, " Kendra thought to herself as she moved to the desk at the far end of the room and opened the trap door beneath it. As she descended downwards and closed the door behind her, the business tycoon could hear what sounded like powerful blows landing against the panic room door.

" I better get my ass in gear before Mighty Muscles breaks through and she gets to do whatever she has planned for me, " Kendra thought to herself as she sprinted down the tunnel towards the exit at the far end. With more than a little incentive, the business woman made her quickly to the exit at the far end and opened it to find herself standing in what was a large shack that was used for storing alcohol on a long term basis.

" This. De. Lay. Ends. Now, " a voice that had the same flat monotone as the two women Kendra had encountered previously called out from the shadows to the woman's right.

Kendra screamed briefly as the woman closed quickly on her before falling silent with only the wind whistling outside the building making the only audible sound.

Inside a tycoon's office building.......

" I can't believe those Squad bitches walked into one of my storage facilities, destroyed the security robots that were there and the police won't do a damn thing about it as they say the footage is too hazy to make a positive ID. Who else would have the strength and temerity to steal from Apex Labs? " Max Indeks snapped out loud as he drummed his fingers on his desk and contemplated what he should do next.

" Max, honey, I was hoping you and I were going to play horsey tonight. I brought my saddle and bit though I don't think you need the spurs to do this. My ass is still a little tender when you spanked me last time for being a naughty school girl in your class, " Ginger called out as she entered Max's office carrying a leather saddle and a riding crop.

" This isn't the time for that, Ginger. Right now, I've got to figure out my next move with regards to those Squad bitches, " Max responded as he leaned back in his office chair and ran his right hand through his silver colored hair.

" Oh, Maxie, you worry too much about those big boobed bitches. Why don't you and I spend a little quality time together and you can show me how long you can ride me tonight? " Ginger said with a wanting pout as she strutted over to Max's desk and leaned over to give the executive an ample view of her bountiful cleavage.

" Ginger, I said not NOW!! Go back to our little room and I'll join you there in a bit, " Max snapped angrily and watched as the exotic redhead turned and left the office sniffling slightly as she did. As she walked, Max mentally pictured Ginger dressed in a skintight silver bodysuit like the Squad women and many local Metrobay women wore during their mindless servitude under the deranged robot Sentius.

" Ahhh, that's a thought for another day. Right now, I have to contact my fellow ROPE members for an emergency meeting. If those Squad broads are moving against me without the usual constraints of legality and such, it might be the opportunity for me to once and for all remove the lot permanently from my hair! The master plan can finally be initiated!! " Max thought to himself as he retrieved a black laptop from a locked drawer and started to initiate the encryption set-up to talk to his fellow members of the long time evil organization that had its tentacles in so many Metrobay operations.

As he waited for the other senior ROPE members to sign in, Max reflected on all the times he had met defeat and disgrace at the hands of Pink Pussycat, the Squad members and the other spandex clad, big boobed bitches who got in his way far too often.

" Happy days will soon be here again... " Max mentally hummed to himself as he imagined the entire Squad at his beck and call in his home. Mindless, intent of serving his every sexual need and want, this was a mental image that caused Max to openly smirk even as the images of his ROPE associates started to appear on the screen.

Elsewhere in Metrobay.........

" I don't understand where Kyla could have gone. She said she was going to go out with me on patrol tonight and tell me about the new guy she had met near the Metrobay college campus. She doesn't answer my text messages or any of the email I've sent her, " Alexis Wellington, known to the general populace of Metrobay as the heroine Solaria, mused to herself as she surveyed the business district from the top of a grassy hill.

" Solaria. You. Will. Come. With. Us. And. Join. Us. Now, " a voice that sounded eerily familiar to Alexis called out from somewhere behind the slender heroine.

" Huh? Who's that? Look, if this is the Bad Boyz or a thug hired by my uncle Max, you better be aware I can bring the heat and make things extremely uncomfortable for anybody tries to mess with me! " Solaria called out as flames started to appear around her hands in anticipation of a fight.

However, before Solaria could focus on a target near her, a bolt of pure cold passed over her hands and extinguished her fire and also knocked the sandy blonde on her butt from the impact. Almost immediately, Solaria tried to stand back up and deliver intense fire in the direction of her attackers but she was hammered by two quick blows to the head that sent the young heroine spiraling back to the ground dazed and semi conscious.

" Solaria. Will. Join. The. Same Ness. Now. She. Will. Help. Us. To. Spread. The. Mes. Sage, " one of the figures intoned as she neared Solaria.

" You, you can't beat me. The Squad will find you and stop youuuuu.... " Alexis gasped defiantly before a beam of blue energy washed over her face and her anger and defiance melted away rapidly.

" You. Will. Come. With. Us. To. Join. The. Same. Ness. And. Help. Us. To. Get. Others. To. Under. Stand, " an entranced Kyla said as she held the enslavement device that the roboticized women had built using the stolen technology and blueprints acquired in the APEX lab earlier.

" Yes. I. Will. Go. With. You. And. Join. The. Same. Ness. I. Will. Help. To. Spread. The. Mes. Sage, " Alexis intoned as her eyes filled with an eerie glow that matched the energy that was washing across her eyes.

" We. Will. Return. To. The. New. Base. And. Begin. The. Con. Ver. Sion. To. Plea. Se. The. Mis. Tress, " Kyla said with an emotionless voice as she marched with Alexis and the others over to a waiting SUV and the destiny that laid ahead for her.

Elsewhere in Metrobay at that time.......

" Crissy, I'm telling you, try not to get too stressed about what has happened. We will figure out a way to restore all the Squad members back to normal if I have to work all night and day on the problem, " Ted said to Crissy as the two pulled into the driveway just outside of his lab.

" Ted, I appreciate your confidence in this matter but I'm worried this is one problem that even you or Gilbert may not be able to fix, " Crissy replied as she got out of Ted's car and smoothed the ruffles in the short white skirt she had worn in a subconscious attempt to catch Ted's attention.

" Crissy, have a little faith that everything will turn out ok. You've face bigger problems than this in the past and managed to come out on top. Trust me, things are going to be...." Ted said in a reassuring manner as he unlocked the door to his lab before his word trailed off into silence.

Crissy gasped in shock when she followed Ted and saw the scene inside: the lab was devoid of any sign of the transformed heroines and there was no indication where they had gone and why they had left.

Though the latter was something Ted and Crissy might soon learn...possibly to their regret.

To be continued......
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