Tiger Cat "Tamed by Toys" -Issue#05

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Tiger Cat "Tamed by Toys" -Issue#05

Postby mitru » February 13th, 2022, 2:23 am

"Uuuuuh...feeling...sleepier..and sleepier...I..I can't..stay awake.." sighed Jackie in a sleepy voice. "That's right Miss Jagessar..You're hypnotised..and you'll do whatever I tell you.." smirked Elias as he got up from behind his desk. "Yes..I..am..hypnotised...must obey..." replied Jackie as he approached her.

Stunned by the hypnotic globe's light..Jackie was totally helpless as Gary Abaud took off her shir to expose her large brown breasts..capped at their summits by puffy, dark brown nipples. "Oooooo...Aaaaahhh...Uuuhhhhh..." moaned Jackie as he toyed with her breasts at will. "Give me all of the security codes to you bank accounts...your credit cards..." ordered Abaud.

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