Tiger Cat "Tamed by Toys" -Issue#04

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Tiger Cat "Tamed by Toys" -Issue#04

Postby mitru » January 30th, 2022, 7:14 am

Port-of-Spain, Trinidad. 9 am

Jackie Jagessar let out a low moan as she stirred on her bed as she awoke from slumber. As she climbed out of bed.. completely naked..the 40-year old businesswoman..picked up the ocelot pelt bodysuit and utility belt she wore when she was out fighting crime as her sexy alter-ego Tiger Cat..off the floor and put it back in the secret compartment of her wardrobe where it was normally kept. As she staggered into her nearby bathroom and into the shower..Jackie's mind was a blur about what happened hours earlier. As she turned on the shower and the warm water cascaded against her curvaceous and muscular brown body..Jackie tried to piece together the pieces of this puzzle. The city was experiencing a rash of crimes in which toys were being used to commit them.

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