BLUNDER WOMAN - Red Dawn #11

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BLUNDER WOMAN - Red Dawn #11

Postby mitru » January 9th, 2022, 3:22 am

Hello everyone! Enter an enjoy a new update of our award supertheroine BLUNDER WOMAN's action and peril adventures...

The undulate waves of energy pushed diane deeper in her thoughts... Even her natural amazon mental defenses could not resist and Blunder Woman slipped into a powerful deep gaze. Dr. Mozg looked at the screen to see how Diane's brain was in higher activity... reacting to the mind probe drilling into her memories.

A helpless Blunder Woman remained motionless on the bed, across her own brain patterns... Diane suddenly began to fall with no control into a new location inside the mental maze... Diane did not know if it was true...She was falling into the legendary Arena of the Colossus Titans.

It was an odd place... plagued with death... she heard tha fallen amazon voices... She became impatient for their embrace... to join the ranks of her ancient sisters, but she was stronger than them... she was always stronger than the rest... she was the princess Diane!

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