ASTRARELLA - Sexgammatron #7

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ASTRARELLA - Sexgammatron #7

Postby mitru » June 28th, 2020, 1:32 am

Hi folks! New comic panels have been added to ASTRARELLA's Sexgammatron story...

Inside Lord Arrix's private fortress, Astrarella was being punished and humilliated by the ruthless Star Prosecutor.

She was going to be executed? He wanted to see her dead, that's for sure... But the inefable Lord had another plans for her, however Arrix was getting nervous now. He wanted to know what she had found about The Secret League's underworld operations... so Astarella's ordeal turned from bad to the worst!

CLICK HERE to read ASTRARELLA - Sexgammatron:


Read on! ASTRARELLA's erotic space perilous adventures... NOW at!
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