A Brief introduction about me!

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A Brief introduction about me!

Postby mitru » January 8th, 2013, 2:29 am

Greetings all!

Welcome to all,

Who is Mitru? This is a good question, the first time we meet he was a vampire dwelling in the Transylvanian forest ‘s shadows when I was game mastering the Vampire Transylvanian Chronicles.

But if we’re talking about who is Mitru now, he is the nickname of a plain guy who studied in the U.P.V. and after some years working as quality inspector in a Technical Engineering office, was unemployed due this damned global economic crisis. As he was doing some artwork for his roleplaying game sessions as hobby, he call to HIPcomix.com door when they were looking for new talented artists for their webpage.

Now I’m mainly working for HIPcomix and recently on HIPbondage and MCComix. I'm also do special works under commission for any other websites and particulars.

I ever seek to grow as artist and I’m ever open minded to new and exciting experiences. New programs, new techniques, I’m now about to test the new Octane Render Engine for Poser and reading some books about hand-painting in Photoshop.

I’m using Poser Pro 2012 as main tool for my artwork, but with a lot of post-work on the 3d Pictures, my artwork is now focused in the Damsel in Peril style pictures, light bondage and teasing comics, cause they’re the main themes of the websites where I’m working at this moment. But I admitt that I like that thematic cause I’m a great fan of every kind of erotic comic, from the Master Manara ones to the old material of Bishop, Brian Tarsis, Colber, Chris and the ever fantastic Fansadox comics. I like to do any kind of picture from simple fantasy or Scifi pinups, bondage & fetish scenes to plain sex pictures style.

At this I’m working with Max Hass, a talented writer, in my main comic series in HIPcomix and with Hector in one of my brand new MCcomix series, but I’m ever open to another collaborations for future comics, or suggestions and ideas for my on going comic series.

If you want to contact me, you can do it throgh this forum or my personal site (clicking below).

Thanks for your support as subscribers and erotic artwork scene contributors.
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