Tiger Cat "Tamed by Toys" -Issue#03

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Tiger Cat "Tamed by Toys" -Issue#03

Postby mitru » January 16th, 2022, 5:14 am

Tiger Cat smiled at this jolly display as she maintained her heroine pose. For some reason which she could not understand..Jackie could not help but keep looking at the Santa Claus figure as it swayed in front of her..its face in permanent happy expression as it looked directly at her. As the music played..a subliminal message filtered through the popular Christmas carol.. "You won't go until we get some..You won't go until we get some.."...over and over again.

Behind the yellow slits of her cowl mask..the Top Heavy Trinidadian found it impossible to keep her brown eyes open..as they suddenly became heavier and heavier...as she kept watching the Santa Clause figure swaying in front ot her..

The outline of her big dark brown nipples...which were becoming hard, erect and bullet shaped as the Christmas song played..became increasingly visible against the fabric of her thin tight ocelot pelt body suit. Totally lulled into complacency and mesmerised by the erotically hypnotic tune...Tiger Cat had no choice but to accept the Christmas gift which was prepared for her.

CLICK HERE to read Tiger Cat "Tamed by Toys" -Issue#03:http://www.mccomix.com/members/gallery3/index.php/Mitru/Tiger-Cat/Tamed-by-Toys


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