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Cryptic's Comix Continuity guide

PostPosted: May 9th, 2013, 12:43 am
by Mr. Cryptic
Mr. Cryptic’s Comix Continuity Guide

I've been worried that it might be hard for readers to figure out the chronological order of my stories, especially the Lord Prospero saga, which crossover different titles. For that reason, I'm posting this continuity guide. These are the all of the Mr. Cryptic’s Comix stories in chronological order (chronological for the story, not for the order in which they were created or posted).

The stories set before Ring of Domination are set in a time where superheroes and villains are a rare and strange thing. In the Victory City era that follows, superheroes and villains are much more commonplace (at least in Victory City).

Cryptowoman #1+ (in HIP Comix member's area)

The Origin of Cobra-Woman
Cobra-Woman #1-8 (in HIP Comix member's area)

Cobra-Woman and American Goddess vs. the Gangster of Love
Tales of the Crypticverse #1-12 (HIP Comix member’s area)

Ring of Domination (starring the original American Goddess)
American Goddess: Ring of Domination #1-13 (MC Comix Free Area)

Ultra Maxima saga (starring Brickhouse, Ishtar, and others)
Victory City #1-21 (MC Comix free area)

Lord Prospero Saga (starring Brickhouse, Ishtar, and others)
The Adventures of Ishtar #1-9 (MC Comix free area)
Victory City #22-33 (MC Comix member’s area)
Panthera Khan #1-2 (MC Comix free area)
Panthera Khan #3 (MC Comix member’s area)
The Adventures of Ishtar #10-12 (MC Comix member’s area)
Victory City #34-48 (MC Comix member’s area)
The Adventures of Ishtar #13 (MC Comix member's area)

Brickhouse in the City of Supervillains
Triskelion Spotlight #1-2
Victory City #49-60

Ishtar, Sex Therapist (starring Ishtar, Brickhouse, American Goddess)
Victory Legion #1-13 (HIP Comix member’s area)

Ishtar Vs. Indeks (starring American Goddess, Ishtar, Hypnotica)
Ishtar Vs. Indeks #1-16 (HIP Comix member’s area)

City of Heroines (starring American Goddess, Brickhouse, Sonic Siren, Ishtar)
Victory Legion #14-23 (HIP Comix member's area)

Museum Attack (starring Ishtar, Brickhouse, and Lord Prospero)
Victory Legion #24-25

Victory Legion #26-27 (this was an introduction to a larger story starring Ishtar, but the larger story never quite materialized...)

Panthera Khan: Collared
Panthera Khan #4-5 (in the MC Comix member's area)

Ishtar Versus the Buzzard
The Adventures of Ishtar #14-17

The Digitalus Directive (starring American Goddess, Ishtar, and Doctor Digitalus)
The Digitalus Directive #1-8

The Robots of Doctor Pretorius (starring Brickhouse, Doctor Pretorius, Ishtar and others)
Victory City #61-69+

Re: Cryptic's Comix Continuity guide

PostPosted: May 9th, 2013, 12:53 am
by Mr. Cryptic
I also felt like I should explain why the Lord Prospero Saga is so convoluted, bouncing around different titles. Here are the reasons:

1) I'm paying homage to the comics I grew up with, where stories frequently crossovered across titles. I realized later that this probably was intended to help them sell more comic books. In my comics at HIP and MC, I'm making sure that I complete stories within one site or the other. I'd like you to subscribe to both sites, but I don't want to use gimmicks to force you to :) .

2) I like my comics to have a focus, usually a particular title character or characters. I could have made this one long miniseries, but I wanted the different chapters to focus on a particular character, either Ishtar, Panthera Khan, or Brickhouse. Victory City is loosely Brickhouse's series. She's the lead character in an ensemble I figure.

I guess that's it. I thought I had more reasons. If I think of them, I'll add them later.

Re: Cryptic's Comix Continuity guide

PostPosted: November 12th, 2013, 12:17 am
by Mr. Cryptic
I edited the first post in this thread to show the current chronology of my stories.

Re: Cryptic's Comix Continuity guide

PostPosted: September 19th, 2015, 10:12 pm
by Mr. Cryptic
I have updated the chronology in the first post of this thread.

Note that Blunder Woman (Jpeger's creation) and League of Guardians are not part of the "Crypticverse."

League of Guardians may be part of the new HIP Universe. I haven't quite decided if I want that to be my little pocket universe of homage characters, or if it's actually in the same world with the other HIP Universe creations.

Stacey Kaiser and her stories ("The Taming of Stacey" and "Costa Diablo") are set in a relatively mundane universe with minimal science fiction and fantasy elements (i.e., more like Charlie's Angels than Wonder Woman), and thus also not part of the Crypticverse.