Scorpion Girl -Kitty Kat and the House of Wax-Issue#04

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Scorpion Girl -Kitty Kat and the House of Wax-Issue#04

Postby mitru » June 16th, 2024, 12:22 am

"Mousey.. Where are you?" whispered the Feline Felon as she made no noise...her erotic feet making no noise as she moved stealthily through the darkened interior of the wax museum...her shapely breasts framed against her skin tight midnight blue bodysuit.  Kitty Kat paid little attention to the exhibits  around her...various wax figures...depicting characters and creatures out of history or she searched for Scorpion Girl.

Then out of the corner of her left eye...the curvy cat burglar...saw a red glimmer. She turned in its direction...and saw... a glowing red gem...located on a pedestal in the middle of the museum.

Fascinated by it...Kitty Kat slowly began to approach it.  She was halfway there...when she heard a low erotic moan of..."Uuuuh".

Turning in the direction of the sound...the Feline Felon spotted Scorpion Girl... lying on the floor of the museum...on her back...her hands tied behind her back with ropes...and her round ankles bound by another set of ropes...her immense brown bust rising and falling sexily...under her thin tight black sticky leotard. Forgetting the gem...the Feline Felon made her way across to the bound Lusty Latina. Squatting on the balls of her erotic feet...Kitty Kat looked down on Scorpion she rolled her head...pillowed by her thick shiny black hair...which ended in a short tight braid resembling a scorpion's tail from side to side.

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