Gorilla Woman - Captured by The Coop -Issue#15

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Gorilla Woman - Captured by The Coop -Issue#15

Postby mitru » March 24th, 2024, 4:55 am

Kinsuka Beach
Democratic Republic of Congo
9 pm

Congolese National Police Captain SAGNA MALLA...and Congolese High Court Judge JEROME KAMPELE...felt greatly empowered...and highly aroused...as they looked down at motionless 8ft voluptuous and muscular dark ebony body of the sexy superheroine of the Democratic Republic of Congo...GORILLA WOMAN...as she lay sprawled out on her back on the polished floor of Kampele's beachside mansion her muscular dark ebony arms flung limp past her head...that was pillowed by her short thick mane of glossy black dreadlocks...her eyes closed...her glossy red lips slightly parted...her naked giant firm dark ebony breasts rising and falling slowly...capped at their sexy summits....by her broad hard glossy black areolas...and her big puffy hard erect and bullet shaped glossy black nipples...her ripped dark ebony abdomen...her thick muscular dark ebony legs spread wide open below her thick shapely waist...her large erotic bare dark ebony feet resting on the polished floor of the study on their smooth heels...wide spaces between her sexy toes with short glossy clear toenails...comprehensively defeated and completely unconscious before them.

Despite possessing the strength...stamina...and speed of 40 gorillas...as well as superhuman immunity...which made her invulnerable to almost any type of harm....despite saving many innocent people's lives...despite defeating many dangerous criminals in the Democratic Republic of Congo during her superheroine career of six months...Gorilla Woman also suffered many epic defeats which placed her in dire peril. The Topless Top Heavy Congolese Superheroine had put herself in such a predicament once again...as she acted on a suspicion...and went to Kampele's mansion to confront him with her allegations that he was part of a coop...a ring of public officials corrupted by criminal elements to do their bidding...in exchange for money and other benefits. 

The Big Breasted Black Giantess...as was becoming a habit she could not break...underestimated the situation...and disclosed her intentions to Captain Malla...who had the image of a progressive and honest woman...who had rose on her own merit to become the highest ranking female officer in the Congolese National Police...only to learn the hard way...that Malla was corrupt....and allied with Judge Kampele in working for the rebel group known as the RASTA MILITIA...who in turn...she suspected served her arch enemies...the mysterious rulers of the criminal underworld in the Democratic Republic of Congo...the CONTESSA and the COUNT.

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