Scorpion Woman - Let it Snow -Issue#13

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Scorpion Woman - Let it Snow -Issue#13

Postby mitru » February 25th, 2024, 4:00 am

Downtown Detroit

On a stage located in a park the middle of the parade route...the city's dignitaries assembled to watch  the parade. 

Police Chief Bernie Shaw...watched as Mayor Mario Vanetti approached them...accompanied by his teenage nephew MICHAEL VANETTI and deputy VINCE RIZZOLI. 

Pictures were taken as Shaw and Vanetti greeted each other before Shaw sat down and Vanetti qcontinued on to take his reserved seat on the stage...Michael and Rizzoli on either side of him.

They were the only ones who knew that Vanetti...besides being a billionaire businessman...and the richest man in Detroit...was the head of the Italian Mafia in the city...with many of his legitimate businesses serving as fronts for the Mafia's criminal enterprises.

With growing competition from different criminal elements in the city...Vanetti rigged the last city council become  mayor and use his political office to advance his criminal agenda.

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