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Postby mitru » November 28th, 2021, 3:02 am

Hello everyone! Enter an enjoy a new update the our award supertheroine BLUNDER WOMAN's action and peril adventures...

Attached to the insane Dr. Mozg's machine, BLUNDER WOMAN is awaiting her uncertain fate... Diane was fighting the machine with all her mind, but she could not break from the waves invading her head... Diane gritted her teeth using all her strenght trying to resist the invasion of the mind probe.

The brave amazon superheroine felt her mind of fire as the probe began to drill into her brain... crackles of energy flow into her mind, she tried to fight it but with each blast round she felt her mind fading.

Falling and falling deeper into her subconscious mind... trapped in her own mind prison!

CLICK HERE to read BLUNDER WOMAN - Red Dawn #9:


Read on... BLUNDER WOMAN's superheroine in action and peril adventures... NOW at!
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