Tailor Made part 4

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Tailor Made part 4

Postby SuckerPunch » March 28th, 2011, 2:51 am

Hey lookie a new update :O
I know, I know this was supposed to be the conclusion but i'm going to have to add another one (or two). Also i apologize for the long delay. My bad.
Thanks as always to Doctor Robo for perimission in using the Metrobay universe and his characters. (Additionally for his help with this chapter)
Also thanks my readers for their input last chapter. Enjoy the latest installment.

As always i welcome feedback/critiques/input.
And on that note...

Tailor Made
Part 4
Wintergreen and Fashionista arrive at the rear entrance of the Superheroine Squad Headquarters. This is going to be great. Wintergreen smiles as she twirls out of the limo. Heh heh, back when I as Snowflake I probably would’ve tripped and fell on my butt. Maybe it’s the shoes. She lifts the long length of her dress checking out her heels. Oh yea, its gotta be the shoes.

Fashionista taps her pawn’s shoulder, a hint of impatience in her voice “Whenever you’re ready my dear.”

Wintergreen laughs sheepishly, as she makes her way to the keypad at the back entrance. Wait a second, if I enter my pass code Brown Sugar will know Im here and spoil the surprise. She puts her finger by the card swipe, frosting it over causing an electronic short. With a few sparks, the pad shorts and the door pops open.

“Ah excellent. Now lets us browse this places selection of lovely ladies.” Kyla holds the door of her mistress with a triumphant smile. Fashionista cups her pets chin and mimes a kiss as she sashes her way in. “Do you remember the plan my sweet?”

Striking a bit of a heroic pose, remnant of Kyla’s former self “Of course mistress. First we break in then seduce and recruit my friends.” Followed by a lovely romp in mistress bed for a job well done.

“Muy excellente, lead the way my dear.”

Kyla nods enthusiastically as they make their way pass the heroine’s private garage and into the inner corridors. Sneak, sneak, sneak. Ha ha this is kinda fun. They sneak pass a few officers, most too busy attending their duties, the two infiltrators stay out of sight. But now they have encountered their first major roadblock, Officer Maggie MacGilleycuddy. A tad unusual for one of Metrobay’s finest to be in the office as opposed to being out on patrol, she still takes even the most mundane task head on with her signature drive. A factor that bodes well for Fashionista and her lovely lackey, as their presence for now remains unnoticed.

Curses. No way around her without getting caught. We need to play this just right. She reaches into Wintergreen’s handbag, removing a small cosmetic compact. Whispering into Kyla’s ear, she formulates a plan to deal with the unaware officer. Wintergreen giggles mischievously, prompting Fashionista to place a finger to her lips and gestures for her pet to make her move.

Maggie works diligently in a back office, searching through a file cabinet though deep down she would much rather be chasing down the scum that plagues Metrobay. She looks over a few recent case reports, when a familiar looking silver blonde elegantly dressed girl struts by. “Huh?…Hold it, civilians are not allowed…wait a second. Aren’t you…” Fashionista sneaks up behind her, blowing a cloud of powder into the officer’s face. Papers from a file descend to the floor as she coughs, trying to wave away the cloud. Her mind becomes hazy as she vainly attempts to focus. Fashionista places her hand on the officer’s shoulder as she slides up next to her.

“ Just relax, breathe deeply and everything will become clear to you in a moment.” She turns her attention to her fiendishly smiling slave. “Wintergreen, be an angel and keep lookout.”

Kyla nods and with a spring her step, moves to the edge of the hallway. Maggie stands in a daze, having trouble just trying to stay on her feet. That is until Fashionista cups her chin with a gloved pedestal. “Now for you my lovely. Tell me, who are you?”


My, that is a mouthful. I may have to change that. Fashionista moves her fingers holding the helpless officer up in a caressing motion. “Relax my dear. Let my will overcome yours.” Maggie feels an odd sensation building inside her as she feels compelled to answer this alluring woman as she tries to speak.

“Shhh…” Fashionista places a finger upon Maggie’s lips. She removes the finger as she locks predatory eyes to lost ones “ Just listen. You will forget you saw me and my slave. If you do happen to re-encounter us in this facility, you will remember that we belong here and everything is fine.”

“Y-Yes, I understand. You two belong here.”

Fashionista looks over the officer, pondering the situation. Hmm…such a lovely creature, but I have bigger quarry in mind. Still…waste not…”Slave, open your shirt and show me what your concealing in that stuffy uniform. A public servant should give the public what they want shouldn’t they?”

“As you wish.” Normally a distinguished officer like Maggie wouldn’t dream of fulfilling such a perverse request from a complete stranger but with Fashionista’s powder attack having temporarily melted away her inhibitions added to an all too familiar empathic assault on her mind, she was only too happy to comply.

Mmm si muy buen Fashionista uses her free hand to slide a business card fished out of her own cleavage, inserting it into her bewitched doll’s brazier. “Once you find this, you’ll feel an overwhelming sensation and desire to come to my store.” She buttons up the officer’s top, leaving a bit of cleavage visible. With a pat to Maggie’s buxom breast, “I’ll see that you are hooked up with a look more…life changing. Wont that be nice?” Fashionista smirks with a chuck giving the officer a last cupping squeeze. “Now go about your business. Better yet, why don’t you find some place quiet and ‘reward’ yourself.” Fashionista lets the officer go, disappearing down the hall. The confused officer who despite her usual professional, dutiful demeanor, finds herself with a burning need for release. Biting her lip trying ignore the urge, she kneels down to pick up the fallen file. Oh my, I must’ve blacked out for a minute there. *Gasp* Wow, I don’t know whats come over me. Her knees quiver as the feeling builds. I-I-I’ll pick up this mess first, t-then I need to find someplace to be alone and take care of this…oooo, feeling. Cheeks become flushed as she struggles to compose herself. Its weird I would’ve never thought to do…*ahem*…anything like that here before but, Oh my *pant* Why does there have to be so many papers here….

Fashionista catches up to the waiting Wintergreen. Kyla had been enjoying the show. I hope she lets me play with the next girl we run into. But one thing confuses me… “Mistress, how come you didn’t make her over as well?”

Fashionista simply smiles “Her time will come, but right now we have to focus on your heroine friends. Once they too are in my power, we can begin making over the masses.”

Superheronie Squad Headquarters-Monitoring Station
Georgia Brown is sliding back into her chair, with what has probably been first smile she’s had all night gracing her lips. She brushes her hair away revealing her greentooth firmly in place. I don’t know what it is but wearing this thing always puts me in a better mood. Its like all my troubles just disappear. She sighs contently. I know I shouldn’t have this on, but girl you know you deserve it today. She sits up again staring at the panel before her. I wonder whats taking Lin so long. She smirks. Probably taking advantage of the ‘finer’ perks of our facilities. Perhaps after she’s done, I can coerce her into watching things for awhile. I could use a little ‘refreshing’ myself. Georgia hand caress her thigh, resisting the urge to go further. Wonder if anyone would notice if I changed into my Hotties stockings while I’m at it. I could just say I need to get ready for impromptu shift. Licking her lips she fantasies about how glorious they’d feel right now, snug on her sultry legs. Or maybe incorporate them with my uniform somehow. Georgia shudders, finally pulling her hand away from temptation, as her composure begins to returns. Damnit, Lin where are you?!

Inside the locker room of the Superheroine Squad HQ, the sounds of a running shower would hardly be considered out of place, nor are albeit the less frequent sounds of a shower massager some of the girls have had added to utilize its vibrations with the mixture of hot water to soothe their aching muscles after a rough night out. But if an unsuspecting individual where to wander by, they would hear a sound that the girls would be less inclined to admit. The soft moans of a beautiful young woman are slightly muffled by the falling water and the buzzing of said massager. A blurred soapy vision of beauty can be seen through the steam as the water rains down upon Jade Lightning’s glistening skin.

OHHHH YEA! Man I needed this. She breathes heavily as she continues to ‘clean’ herself, one hand working a shower puff, lathering her left breast, the other makes full use of the massager between her legs. Who’s ever idea was to -AHH- invest in getting these was a -MMM-genius. I could stay in here *gasp* all night. Lin leans against the tiled wall, giving out a soft yelp. Oops, that one was a little loud. I’m going to get caught if I don’t finish up soon. She rinses off the massager and the soap off her body, bringing her moment of relief to an end as the stress of the night circles the drain. Shutting off the water, Jade exit’s the shower as warm air slowly cools. Ah much better now.

Amidst the silence of the locker room, the faint sound of giggling can be heard. Uh-oh. Looks like I’m busted. Lin blushing quickly fades as the air takes a sudden turn for the chilly side. Brrrr…You’d think it would’ve stayed a tad warmer in here as hot as the water was. Jade reaches out for her towel, bundling up tight as her body ‘perks’ to the temperature change.

More giggling, yet still no one insight.

“H-hello? Who’s there? Is that you Lexis?” No way it could be Georgia, childish pranks aren’t exactly her style. She tilts her head. Couldn’t be Kyla, could it? Maybe she’s back. “Snow? Is that you? Where’ve you been?” She moves around an aisle lockers towards the sound, startled by more giggling from behind.


“C’mon Kyla this isn’t funny.” Jade moves closer to the smirks and giggles as they get louder with each step.

“Warmer…warmer…mmm, getting hot…”

Jade finally rounds the corner to be surprised by an unfamiliar woman dress as if she was going out to for a night at the opera house. Before Lin can say a word, Fashionista smiles sinisterly, giggles and points behind the young asian beauty. Lin turns to look, catching a glimpse of her one time junior partner pulling her arms behind her.

“Ice cold!” Ha! And Alexis said that I’d never have an opportunity to ever use that line. Wintergreen pulls the shocked heroine closer to her resting her head on Jade’s shoulder. “Hiya Jadey. You’re looking quite fetching, isn’t she mistress?”

Fashionista smiles as she glides closer to the struggling heroine. “Si, mucho potencial” And how convenient that she’s in a towel. This could’ve been a bit more difficult if she was still nude.

“S-S-S-Snowflake?! What the hell are you doing?! Let me out of this-” Jade pauses momentarily refocusing on the stranger. “Did you just call her mistress?!” Oh boy, not again! We really need to give this girl low jack for her brain. This is getting ridiculous.

Fashionista reaches out with her gloved hand, caressing her captive’s cheek, giving Jade an odd tingle. “Why, yes she did. Wintergreen is now employed to be my lovely new servant.” She removes her gloved hand and pats Kyla’s head. “You were quite right, she is exquisite. This one will make a fine addition to our little group.”

“What are you talking about? Kyla, snap out of it.” Lin pleaded. Its almost like before, back in that other verse, but different. Its not some kind of crazed look in her eyes but Snow’s definitely being manipulated. I need to get to my tiara and the girls so we can put a stop to this. I need an opening…“Snow, you’re a heroine! Fight her control over you. You’re not twisted and evil like she is.”

Kyla pulls back holding Jade’s arms with one hand as she gestures with the other. “Um Hello? Don’t you think I’d be able to tell if Mistress Fashionista was totally evil or something? I mean, she’s been so wonderful to me since I saved her from some chump. I brought her here so I could share the gifts she rewarded me with to all of you. Seriously, like when was the last time you ever heard of an evil person just gave away super cool free stuff to the person who rescued them?” She shows off her dress, unwittingly releasing her captive. “Besides, no one with this much fashion sense could possibly be evil. Just look at this matching handbag! It sparkles!”

Now! Jade Lightning seizes the window to knock her captors off their feet with a swift leg sweep as she makes her escape. [/i]This is my chance!

Superheroine Squad Headquarters -Dormitory
Inside of her private living quarters, Alexis is in the middle of getting ‘dolled up’ again, having to again change her attire to suit her task. She had already just came up to suit up, under the impression she’d have to head out as Solaria, Grrl Power’s blazing beauty. Now she sits on a stool in her underwear getting ready to go out looking for her best friend. I just hope I get to that club in time. I expressly remember calling dibs on that guy. Alexis huffs as she blows some of her sandy red brown locks out of her face. Still you’d think Kyla would’ve atleast hit me up by now. She picks up her cell, but places it back on the counter top. Nah, I’ll just surprise her. With the last few adjustments made, Solaria walks over to her closet. She stares into the abyss of clothing. Now…what to wear…

Superheroine Squad Headquarters-Locker Room
Fashionista gets her bearings back quickly with an annoyed snort. Que dolor! She’s getting away! She moves to cut off her prey as Wintergreen stays behind, having spilled the contents of her bag. Why is Jade being so mean? Her eye catches a glimmer on the ground. I know! These beauties will change her mind.

Jade starts to run away towards her locker. I need to get my power gem. As she rounds the corner, she looks in astonishment as a long shimmering scarf whips towards her and wraps itself around her. What the? NO! Jade feels an odd sensation as it tightens around her midsection. Ugh, whats going on? This thing…its like steel. Jade struggles against her trappings as a new sensation seems to replace the feeling of pain. Whoa…hey…whats this strange feeling…

“Ah, ah, ah. Travieso, travieso.” Fashionista mocks as she holds the other end of the silk scarf. With a flick of the wrist it begins to retract back to her with Jade in tow. The scarf wraps around her more as she’s pulled in, dizzying up the poor girl until she’s firmly in Fashionista’s hands. This one has spirit. Breaking her down should be amusing. Jade does her best to shake the cobwebs building in her mind. Whoa…Ugh. Yea, that was no fun. I need to get it together and quick…or until the room stops spinning.

“Allow me to help you gather your mind.” Fashionista slowly uncoils her scarf from Jade’s body sending a few waves of her influence through it as the towel now clasping to her like a corset. “What do you think of my accessory? It helps extend the range of my powers significantly,” She re-drapes it around her arms. “But nothing beats the feeling of direct contact.” She wraps her arms around the defenseless girl, pulling their bodies together. “Mmmm much better. Wouldn‘t you agree?”

Yea that does feel….Uh…no…I-I-I need…to…relax…relax and…NO! I need to break free…Lin continues to valiantly struggle but the strange soothing feeling washing over her body and mind, it becomes harder and harder to focus.

“Doesn’t that feel wonderful? Just hear me out and I’ll see to it that you always feel this fantastic.” Fashionista bats her lashes at Lin as she massages her back, increasing the sensations. She begins to start manipulating the towels fabric structure. She tries to nuzzle closer to her captives face, hoping to entice her. Jade does her best to pull back.
“St-stop looking at me like that you weirdo!” Jade closes her eyes, trying harder to muster up the strength and concentration to break free of the hold. Why cant I overpower her? She’s not even that strong physically. I need to find a way to get her to drop her guard. A light bulb goes off in her head. That’s it! I’ll pretend to be interested in her offer. I’ll relax, act like I’m listening. Then I’ll take her by surprise. Jade starts to ease her movements. Remember to relax. Relax and submit. Wait, no! Pretend! Pretend to submit is what I meant. You’re only playing along long enough to…to…

Fashionista feels Jade’s resisting waning. “So, does this mean you’ve finally come around? Don’t feel ashamed, we only want to reward you with what a heroine of your caliber truly deserve.” Jade starts her act, “I guess I have no choice. So what is it that you want?” She hesitates for a second. “Wait…we?” Her eyes get huge as she suddenly remembers “Kyla!”

Wintergreen’s hands find themselves at her former colleague’s far peripherals “That’s me! And lookie, I’ve got presents!” She starts putting the earrings on her friend, being careful not to harm her. “I know how much you Gem Angels like gems so…” A mixed expression of shock and horror flashes on Jade Lightning’s face and just as quickly begans to melt away with each gem. Wow, those ARE nice. How did Kyla afford…What am I saying?! No! This…isn’t...what…I…had…planned…

“They do look lovely on her don’t they?” Fashionista clasp her hands together. Now to work on this girl and begin her make over. A sulty tone begins to penetrate Jade‘s mind. “Now deary, just listen to my voice, lose yourself in the bliss of my touch. Let us get better acquainted.” With a smooth motion of her index finger, Fashionista ’unzips’ the towel allowing it to fall to the ground. The earrings adoring her ears intensifies her captors words, giving them an echoing effect as they begin consuming every last free thought. Jade simply nods to the words putting up no resistance. Wintergreen cups her former mentors breast, kissing her neck.

“See Jade? Mistress Fashionista only wants to thank us for being so awesome and sexy. There’s nothing wrong with that is there?’ Jade can only respond with a softly moan. Wintergreen continues to caress Jade’s breast, rubbing and pinching. “Isn’t this so much nicer then fighting crazed robots, pervy ROPE goons and evil sex starved lesbian scientist?”
Ok, Snow’s got me there. But somethings wrong...This isn’t right…
“All of us give so much, so whats wrong with us receiving something in return? Mistress will give us all the rewards we could ever want.“

Fashionista relishes in her slave’s efforts. Glorious. I do find it so much more enjoyable when heroines convert their own. Its time then, to give little ‘Jade’ another push. Very soon she’ll be begging to serve me. Fashionista moves her gloved hands, one firmly gripping Jade’s tone ass as the other glides up and down, finger tips barely gracing Jade’s vulnerable folds. Lin shivers. The power, the passion, the commanding sensuality exuding from the latin woman standing before her was making her tingle all over. That part of her that once cried out for her to resist, began to quickly change its tune as she accepts another tender kiss upon her vulnerable, quivering lips. Fashionista knew that this girls days of crime fighting were finished. Instead, her evenings will be filled with pleasing her captor, carrying out her every twisted whim. The longer they continued the onslaught of temptation and desire, it would become more enticing of a concept.

It must be everything that Fashionista says it is for Snow to want to join her. I mean, she always loved being a heroine, but…She gasp as silky gloved fingers find their way inside her, a pleasure wave that surpasses all previous sensations courses through her being. She truly is remarkable. I don’t even make myself feel this great and its my own body. A soft pur sneaks past once defiant lips while her hips grind towards her soon to be mistress, craving more. I could definitely get used to this sort of incentive program. If this is just the ‘sign up bonus’ I can only dream what the benefits are like…

Looks like her mind is made up. *Smirk* Its so much sweeter when they think its their own choice. With a quick silent nod, Wintergreen lets go of Jade as she removes the gloved hand. Kyla takes her place besides her mistress as Jade collapses on her knees. “Wait, No! I was almost there.” She looks up to the two women with hungry eyes, silently begging for seconds.

“Well, I could give you release,” that signature sinister smile returns to her lips, “But I don’t just give such pleasure for free.” She leans down, her breast at Jade’s eye level, so she continue to look down with her very presence bearing down upon her new thrall. “You’ll have to submit and join your friend working for me of course. Do so and I shall reward you endlessly with feelings and sensations such as this. Would you like that mi amora?”

I cant believe I’m actually considering this. Lin stares lost in a lust induced haze into Fashionista’s curvatures. This feeling, this desire…its too much…So why am I fighting it? Is she right? Is this what I’ve really wanted? Fashionista continues to mock her, “Do you like what you see? Is it me or my lovely dress that you covet? *Giggle* Or maybe its both. That’s what dear Kyla chose.” She gestures over to Wintergreen. “Your friend is quite happy with choice. Doesn’t she look exquisite? I can make one for you if you submit and ask nicely.“ She reaches out and caress the helpless heroine’s tenderly. “You know you want to.” One final push…

Yes…I do. I..want this sensation. A silent nod and a moaning shiver is all Jade Lightning can muster.

…And now you’re mine. She sticks out her gloved hand in front of Lin, whom without need of explanation, kiss it in submission. “Wonderful! First things first, we need to give you some new threads. My slaves sport only the finest of clothing,” She crosses her arms and stands back up straight, gesturing to her newest underling to stand as well. “Of my design of course. Like you or anyone would want to wear anything else.” She adds ‘matter-of-factly‘ as she looks around. “Where are the clothes you wore before your shower? I presume you had some, unless you heroines enjoy wandering these corridors in the buff…”

“Well mistress there was the time I first joined Grrl Power. They said it was an ‘initiation’ and ‘a rite of passage‘ and ‘all the girls had to streak once during the first week’ but guess what…Totally not true!” Not to mention the look on Captains face...

“It was rhetorical my dear Kyla.” Though somehow I not surprised.

“My costume is my locker. Please follow me…mistress.” Lin casually leads Fashionista back to her locker and reveals its contents. She takes it out, draping it Fashionista’s arms like a trophy. Fashionista runs her hand over it. “Don’t worry, you wont have to wear this thing any longer.”

“Oh Kyla, to reward you for your part in acquiring my latest model, you may play with her to your sexual appetite’s content or until I complete a new garment for her ‘Make Over‘ understood?”

Wintergreen licks her lips, “Why thank you mistress!” Hungry eyes take aim as she moves in on Lin. She practically pounces on Lin and begins to entertain her new playmate’s breast: pinching and teasing; caressing and massaging; kissing and licking. Lin coos, “Wow Kyla, who would’ve guessed that a girl so boy crazy would know how to please a woman so effortlessly.”
Wintergreen wraps her arms around Jade, pulling her in closer rubbing her dress on her fellow slave’s naked body. “What can I say? Mistress Fashionista opened my eyes.“ Just as she will for you. She kisses Lin deeply, leaving a faint hint of lipstick her upon her lips. “Besides, with sexy things like you and the mistress, who would want a silly lil boy anyways?” Kyle’s dress radiates them with Fashionista’s embroidered power, enhancing their pleasure. While not as potent as the ‘real’ thing, its more than enough to push entranced comrades libidos into overdrive.

As the two new lovers continue to enjoy each others embrace, Fashionista commences to work her magic on Jades costume. Hmm, waaay too much black for my taste. Sure its sexy and slimming but on that pixie’s body…nah. Lets add more of that green. Yes…like a lovely shimmering spring meadow…perhaps a lovely satin sheen. As she re-envisions costume, Wintergreen’s and Lin’s soft sounds of passion continue to resonate. Her back against the lockers, Jade bites her bottom lip as the blonde bombshell makes her way down, tongue and fingers penetrating her pussy. I’ve already climaxed 3 times and she’s still hungry for more. This is mind-blowing amazing! This was definitely the right choice. Lin runs her fingers through Kyla’s hair and across her body. I owe you an apology later Snow…I mean Wintergreen. She and our mistress have opened my eyes to a whole new outlook on life. Another gasp and satisfied smile graces her lips. I’ll definitely make sure to return the favor.

To be continued...

I hope you all find it worth the wait and continue to enjoy the adventure.
I promise the wait wont be as long for the next one. :oops:
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Re: Tailor Made part 4

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Long overdue feedback, but I loved it. :D Can't wait to see what else is in store for our intrepid villains and the hapless Lin.
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