Three wishes

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Three wishes

Postby lordsomno » November 5th, 2009, 5:40 pm

She was gorgeous. Light tanned skin, arabic-caucasian look. Large firm breasts in a babydoll nightie and skimpy panties. Tall, nearly 6 feet tall, and well-toned body. A living breathing wet dream.

"Three wishes are yours, Master."

I was in my late 30s and had recently gotten release from a job. I was nearly 6 feet tall myself but weighed 270 lbs. I had average looks and a big gut.

"What did you say?"

"You aren't deaf yet, Master. You get three wishes. Whatever you wish, I will grant you."

"Beats me, give me what I would love and with no strings or lessons or anything like that."

"You have to say 'I wish', Master."

"Fine. I wish you would give me the three wishes I most desire without any strings or lessons or anything like that."

"Granted. I must remain with you for 1001 days, while your wishes play out. It's my job."

"What did I get for wishes?"

"Mind control, body control and access to nearly unlimited money."

This was certainly a very weird dream. I concentrated on the gorgeous girl removing her nightie. She spoke.

"Your powers don't work on me, Master. However, I will serve you in any way an ordinary human woman could. It's part of my job. Would you like me to be nude?"

That sort of spoiled the moment. Still I had body control. I looked at myself.

The gut that I had accumulated from years of overeating began to shrink. The fat on the rest of my body disappeared. Muscles thickened. Scars disappeared as I looked at them. I was in my tshirt and underwear, and I began to feel my own cock changing, getting a bit bigger. My arms and chest grew more muscular, especially my biceps. I felt stronger. My vision became perfect as did my hearing. Hair that had been long gone returned. By the time I was done, I was way better than I had been coming out of boot camp. I could have probably played sports!

"That was cool. Extremely cool." I marvelled at my new figure. I pulled off my now tight t-shirt. "I could play in the NFL like this."

"That is not right Master. You have neither the talent nor age to do so. You can make yourself the healthiest and fittest 38 year old in the world. You can alter your own mind and give yourself whatever skill set you desire, as long as they are copied from someone else."


"You can play bass guitar like John Entwhistle, sing like Paul McCartney, write music like Tommy Shaw, hit like Tony Gwynn. The possibilities are unlimited, but people trying to do everything have been known to lose all skills and the ability to gain them."

"How about money?"

"Your credit card bill will always be paid in full by Arabic shiekhs. Stay under a million a month and you will be fine."

I looked in my wallet and there was a new Platinum Master Card.

"It is all legal."

"Completely. You wouldn't want it any other way."

That certainly was true. But now to the mind control...

"OK, I am going to give my mind control powers an incredible test. I want women to come here, at midnight, pack up my whole house, and move it to California. I want a new large house there, in Bel Air, where I can be close to the movie industry."

"Then will it so at midnight. Do you want to fuck me now, Master? Just say the word. I am as ready, as willing and as able as any human woman."

"What's your name?"

"Call me Marie, Master."

"Treat me like someone who has never had sex before."

"That was my plan, Master, as you have never had sex before."

Marie was very gentle and did a lot of explaining. She spent hours teaching me how to have sex. She had been having it since before Christ came to Earth as a human (in her words). My new body came in her, between her tits and in her mouth. I came half a dozen times. Before I knew it, midnight was nearing.

"Master, you wanted to do something at midnight?"

I concentrated. I thought of the prettiest women I knew personally. I thought of moving vans, of boxes. I thought of a huge house.

A few neighbors gathered. It was summer, so the three women were nude. As each entered, she said, "I heard and obeyed, Master. You must be moved." Kelly from next door looked particularly delectable. They went right to work, gathering things from different areas of the house and organizing them to be boxed up.

Over the 20 minutes, a big moving van pulled up with around 20 women inside. They were all nude as well, and repeated the same mantra as the other three. They had brought dozens of boxes and tools to move things.

I recognized one of the women. She was Sherry, a local newcaster. She had been a fantasy of mine for years. I wanted her in the worst way.

"Then have her," said Marie. "You are in complete control of her sleeping mind and body. Command her and fuck her."

"You won't be jealous?"

"I am completely bisexual. I find her desireable too."


The gorgeous newswoman turned to me, her tits already beginning to expand. I like big tits on girls, and to me, this was her only flaw. "Sherry, your willing slave, reporting, Master."

"Sit next to Marie and kiss her, letting your tits rub together."

"My mind and body are yours to command, Master."

Marie and Sherry sat next to each, each with a shapely tanned body. They kissed, and their huge tits (well, Sherry's were only large) pressed into each other. Seeing their breasts collide as they kissed was highly erotic. I was fully erect, and my cock yearned for release (though I had come 6 times earlier today).

The two women moved over and Marie's tits pressed into my back. Sherry mounted my cock and started fucking me. She closed her eyes and said, "I will act as if I have sexsomnia, Master." She was even sexier when pretending to be sleeping.

It was only 2 minutes later, I shot my load into Sherry. She rejoined the other girls in packing as if nothing had happened.
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