Dream Fulfillment - Part 7

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Dream Fulfillment - Part 7

Postby Northern Chill » November 27th, 2010, 8:02 pm

Dream Fulfillment


Northern Chill

Author's note: This is a serial based on the characters from the Metrobay Universe, created by Finister Foul and Dr. Robo at HiPComix.com and MCcomix.com. The theme of the story picks up on a panel from the story "Tough Love" found there. Given the nature of what happens during this serial, think of this happening on an alternate earth where Crissy, one of the main characters in this serial, is presented with an opportunity to fulfill a secret wish known only to one person in Metrobay. In doing so, however, things may change for others as well.

Chapter 7 - Things change and decisions made

" Uhhh, my head, what, where the hell am I? Hello? Hello, who is here? " Kendra called out as she regained consciousness and found her arms and legs bound to a flat table and surrounded by darkness everywhere. The only thing the wealthy Metrobay business woman could ascertain about her surroundings is that there appeared to some amount of electronic equipment in the area judging by the sounds coming from the area around her.

" Sub. Ject. Ken. Dra. Mc. Donald. Is. A. Wake. Pre. Pare. Her. For. Join. Ing. The. Same. Ness, " the female robot formerly known as Roller Grrl intoned as she stepped out of the shadows and walked stiffly over to the table where Kendra was laying.

" What, what the hell are you talking about? What the fuck is this 'sameness' bullshit you're talking about? Is this some sort of damned cult like that Sentius crap I read about a while back? I thought the Squad heroines had taken care of all that evil computer stuff once and for all, " Kendra cried out as she struggled to free herself from her bonds to no avail.

" The. En. Tity. Known. As. Sen. T. Ius. No. Long. Er. Ex. Ists. The. Same. Ness. Was. For. Med. Un. Der. The. Or. Ders. Of. Cris. Sy. Tan. Ner, " Dare Doll responded as she walked up to the side opposite Roller Grrl and bent down to attach two steel circles to Kendra's temples.

" Crissy who? Crissy Tanner?!! Hey, stop that!! Listen to me, you don't have to do this! I have money and influence in Metrobay and I can help all of you in whatever you want! I, I know Max Indeks and he can help you all. He's got the power and money to make your plans be real!! Quit that!!! " Kendra pleaded before feeling her breasts being poked and prodded by Roller Grrl.

" The. Sub. Ject. Breasts. Are. Be. Low. Min. I. Mium. Re. Quire. Ments. En. Hance. Ment. Is. Rec. O. Mmended, " Roller Grrl intoned and nodded silently at an area behind Kendra.

" This. Unit. Will. Apply. Need. Ed. Equip. Ment. To. Sub. Ject, " Dare Doll responded as she walked over to a nearby computer and tapped on a few keys. Moments later, two long tubes descended from the ceiling with large circular endings on them. When they landed on Kendra's breasts, Kendra could feel what seemed to be some sort of suction around her breasts as the cups affixed to them. In addition, moments later, Kendra felt something sharp jab into both of her nipples that seemed to be like some sort of hypodermic.

" Stop, ugghh, stop doing this!! The Squad women will stop you! You can't make a damn robot! You can't...OOOHHHH!!! " Kendra shouted in protest before her proclamations were interrupted by the sensations of pure pleasure that flowed through her entire body and seemed to emanate from the stimulation of her breasts. A few moments later, Kendra started to feel what seemed to be the flow of energy directly into her brain through the circles on her temples.

" Data. Trans. Fer. In. I. Tialized. Breast. Ex. Pan. Sion. Has. Com. Menced, " Roller Grrl said solemnly as she stood in front of a nearby monitor and stared at the figures appearing on it with intense concentration.

" You, you can't do this!! I won't become a mindless drone...ohhh!! I, I, I, can't, I, won't Obey. You can't make me Fol. Low. Same. Ness. Pro. Gram, " Kendra screamed though her declarations started to noticeably mix with the emotionless tone used by the other roboticized women around her.

" Data. Trans. Fer. At. Thir. Ty. Sev. En. Per. Cent. And. Ri. Sing. Chest. En. Hance. Ment. Is. Near. Ing. Pro. Gram. Goals, " Dare Doll intoned solemnly as she stood with her arms at her sides and stared dispassionately at another monitor.

" I won't...Obey. Not going to Join. Same. Ness. My. Act. Ions. Are. In. Line. With. The. Same. Ness. I. Will. O. Bey. All. Com. Mands. From. The. Mis. Tress, " Kendra intoned as her eyes turned white and devoid of pupils or signs of humanity. At the same time, the covers atop Kendra's breasts detached and slowly rose upwards and revealed Kendra's breasts had grown in size to what appeared to be FF cup in size with idealized nipples that had a small amount of breast milk leaking from them.

" Sub. Ject. Breasts. Have. Been. Op. Ti. Mized. Data. Trans. Fer. At. Nine. Seven. Per. Cent, " Roller Grrl remarked as the word COMPLETE flashed on the screen the robot woman was staring at.

" I, I, This. U. Nit. Is. A. Ro. Bot. Wo. Man. This. U. Nit. Will. O. Bey. All. Or. Ders. From. Mis. Tress. Cris. Sy. This. U. Nit. Will. A. Ssist. Oth. Er. U. Nits. In. Spread. Ing. The. Same. Ness, " Kendra responded as the last spark of humanity faded from her mind and the cold logic of a robot woman flowed through her mind.

" U. Nit. Has. Been. Add. Ed. To. Same. Ness. Uni. Form. Must. Be. Add. Ed. So. This. U. Nit. Can. Func. Tion. In. Home. To. Find. New. U. Nits. For. The. Same. Ness, " Silver Satin intoned as she walked into the empty warehouse she and the other roboticized women had converted into a new base.

" We. Have. Re. Viewed. Im. Ages. From. Me. Dia. Re. Ports. And. Have. Se. Lect. Ed. A. Ttire, " Dare Doll solemnly said as she walked stiffly over to a nearby portable closet and retrieved several items inside it.

Kendra was unstrapped from the table and the roboticized woman stood at attention as the other fembots started to hand her different articles of clothing. Kendra donned blue and silver panties and a strapless bra of the same color and texture. This was followed by a red sweater that was slightly oversized which somewhat hid the growth in the business woman's bosoms. A black leather skirt and dark sunglasses completed the look and Kendra now looked like a normal everyday woman.

" U. Nit. Ken. Dra. Is. Ready. To. Re. Turn. To. Home. And. Aid. Same. Ness. In. Spread. Ing. The. Mis. Tress. Or. Ders, " Kendra intoned as she stood stiffly before the table and addressed her fellow fembots.

" I. Have. A. Nother. U. Nit. To. Add. To. The. Same. Ness, " Snowflake intoned as the usually chipper cold using heroine entered the building with Solaria marching stiffly behind her. Normally, these two were friends who shared music and chatted about the best clubs in Metrobay. Now, Kyla's mind was focused exclusively on making her fire powered friend into a robot woman like herself.

At Squad headquarters..........

The area which was home to the scientific experiments of Silver Satin and, until recently, Ted Twiss was deserted at present with Ted venturing out on personal business and Silver Satin 'unavailable'. The only occupant of the lab at present was the lifelike robot known as LISA, a doll created by Gilbert Petto to resemble the legendary heroine Ms. Metrobay. Captured some time ago while operating under the malevolent direction of the villain Dairy King, LISA had followed the directions of Ted but with his recent departure, the android had been left in standby mode and somewhat forgetten by the heroines. In the last few hours, though, LISA's eyes had sparkled with new energy and it seemed to be processing unheard orders from an unseen master.

" Marcy? Marcy, are you here? Marcy, I have to talk to you about something, " the heroine Ms. Metrobay called out as she entered the semi dark lab and looked around for the cybernetic heroine or an indication where she might have gone to. Kelly was having trouble contacting some of the younger members of the Squad and hoped that Marcy might know if they had gone somewhere as a group.

" This place is getting like a tomb. Maybe I should head back to the monitor room and see if there's anything...URKKK!!! " Kelly thought to herself as she walked by her robot doppleganger before her private ponderings were interrupted by LISA reaching out and grasping her around the neck in a viselike grip. This choke hold, with LISA applying the precise amount of pressure to Kelly's neck needed, rendered the buxom woman unconscious before she had a chance to react to the unexpected attack.

" Target. Sub. Dued. Phase. One. Of. Dir. Ective. Com. Pleted. Moving. To. Phase. Two, " LISA intoned as the robot reached down and picked up Kelly as if she was virtually weightless. LISA carried Kelly to the back of the room where a silver work table was situated in a forty five degree angle. Given the amount of time LISA had spent laying on the table as Ted futilely tried to discover the source of her thrallium powers, LISA was more than adequately aware of its location and what was around it.

Setting Kelly down on the table, LISA proceeded to remove the heroine's tight fitting outfit followed by her made to measure underwear and deposited them nearby. After securing straps around Kelly's body, LISA attached electrodes to the sides of Kelly's forehead and the nipples atop the heroine's legendary breasts. With that, LISA retrieved several power cables and swiftly connected them to the four electrodes. Once this was done, LISA turned on several nearby computers and made sure the power cables were connected to them.

" Uhhh, what, what happened? LISA? LISA, did you knock me out? Let me go right now or I'll order the Squad to take back to Apex in so many pieces! " Kelly cried out as she tried to free herself from her bonds.

" You. Will. Not. Be. Re. Leased. Un. Til. The. Di. Rective. Has. Been. Com. Pleted. And. You. Are. Con. Verted. To. A. Ro. Bot. Wo. Man, " LISA intoned as she deftly pushed several buttons to activate the power going into the cables and call up the program at the site she was programmed to seek.

" Uh uh, no way are you going to be changing me into a robot like you! In case you haven't heard, that's been the goal of every villain and nutcase that I've encountered over decades of fighting crime and they all failed. If you let me go now, I'll make sure the other Squad members don't take you apart and ship you to APEX labs in a shoebox, " Kelly cried out defiantly.

" Your. Offer. Is. Re. Jected. This. Pro. Cess. Will. Be. Com. Plete. Be. Fore. Any. Squad. Mem. Bers. Will. Aid. You, " LISA replied as she depressed one final button.

With that, the program LISA had initiated started to transmit into Kelly with the blonde's body tightening slightly as the first data entered her mind.

" You won't succeed in this!! I won't let you turn me into a robot plaything for some madman or madwoman! I won't.... " Kelly shouted defiantly even as computer programing started to enter her mindset and her resistance ebb ever so slightly.

" You. Are. A. De. Fiant. Wo. Man. But. Re. Sistance. Is. Fu. Tile. We. Will. Be. Ro. Bot. Wo. Men. And. Fol. Low. All. Or. Ders. Given. Us, " LISA intoned as a computer image appeared on the monitor she was viewing along with a gauge next to it that had a number that was slowly increasing.

" I don't think so!!! You won't make me Fol. Low. Or. Ders... no!! I'll resist you to the end and beyond!! I'll win no matter how long it takes for somebody to stop you!! " Kelly cried out even as the monotone and words of an obedient robot mixed in with her words.

" Your. Words. Are. Meaning. Less. The. Con. Version. Has. Begun. And. You. Will. Soon. Meet. Our. Master, " LISA responded as the robot turned and started to do other tasks out of Kelly's line of sight. If there was another person in the room at that moment, it could be observed that LISA was assuming the process would soon be complete and there were other matters that needed to be attended to.

" I won't be meeting the master or anybody else!!! I won't Do. As. I. Am. Or. Dered. I. Will. O. Bey, " Kelly intoned as her eyes took on a pupilless appearance and all attempts to break free from her restraints ceased. With every passing second, the memories Kelly had of her past exploits, the heroines and criminals she had encountered and her home life with Alpha Man dissipated and were replaced with the cold logic of a robot woman.

" The. Pro. Cess. Is. Com. Plete. You. Are. Now. A. Ro. Bot. Wo. Man. Pro. Grammed. To. O. Bey. All. Com. Mands. Stand. And. Re. Peat, " LISA intoned to Kelly even as the robot was undoing the straps around the woman and standing back.

Almost immediately after her bonds were released, Kelly sat up and moved to stand in front of the table. " I. Am. KELLY. A. Ro. Bot. Wo. Man. I. Will. O. Bey. All. Com. Mands. From. My. Owner. I. Ex. Ist. To. Serve. My. Owner, " she intoned in a dispassionate voice.

" Phase. One. Com. Plete. Phase. Two. Begins, " LISA intoned as she removed the panties that she was wearing and placed them on a nearby chair. " KELLY. Don. The. Milk. Maid. Uni. Form. I. Wear, "

" I. Will. Com. Ply, " KELLY intoned as she walked stiffly over to where the garments were located and started to put on the blue and white items as ordered. As she did, LISA retrieved two of the wigs she had for wearing when Ted or Marcy were in the work area.

" You. Will. Don. This. Wig, " LISA said as she handed her fellow robot woman one of the wigs she had retrieved. As KELLY followed her command, LISA started to put on the shiny red Ms. Metrobay uniform located nearby. For any other woman living in Metrobay, this might have been difficult and required a little extra padding here and there but for LISA, it looked just as good on her robot frame as its original owner.

With this task completed, LISA took the wig she was wearing off her head and replaced it with the one she had modified to resemble the hairstyle normally associated with Ms. Metrobay. The final step LISA took to complete her change in appearance was to retrieve a special pair of contact lenses that Ted designed some time ago for her to possibly wear as a step towards integrating LISA into normal society as well as a special voice modulator.

" Don. Ning. Lenses. And. Mod. U. Lator. To. Com. Plete. Dir. Ective, " LISA intoned as she put the special lenses in. The robot woman followed this by slipping a voice modulator around her throat under the neck part of her outfit. The modulator was developed by Marcy shortly after Ted unveiled his lens invention with the intent of LISA using them in the ner future.

" If. You. Are. Asked. For. I. Dentity. Be. Fore. We. A. Rrive. You. Are. To. State. That. You. Are. Milk. Maid. Ack. Nowledge. And. Re. Peat, " LISA intoned as her voice started to adjust to the voice modulation.

" I. Will. State. That. I. Am. Milk. Maid. To. Any. One. Who. Asks. Be. Fore. We. Are. At. The. Mas. Ter's. Lo. Cation, " Kelly repeated in a monotone devoid of any emotion whatsoever.

" We will leave the lab now and go to the master's home for further orders, " LISA intoned as she made one final adjustment to her wig and adjusted Kelly's uniform top so there was a little more cleavage showing.

" Yes. I. Will. O. Bey. And. Fol. Low. You, " KELLY responded as the white eyed roboticized heroine turned and followed LISA out of the room with a stiff walk as she moved along.

LISA and KELLY marched out of the room in single file and were three quarters of the way to the headquarters exit when the two encountered a platinum haired woman well known to Squad members and many citizens of Metrobay.

" Hey, Kelly, could I talk to you for a minute? I was about to go out on patrol and...why is that robot copy with you? " Violet, also known as Omega Woman, started to say before she noticed the outfitted Milk Maid behind the red suited woman.

A moment or two of silence as Violet awaited an answer.....

Elsewhere in Metrobay......

" I hated leaving Crissy back at my lab but someone had to be there in case one of the fembots came back. This is getting out of control and I think I need help from somebody who has a little financial clout in the area that isn't connected to Max and his ROPE friends, " Ted thought to himself as he got out of his car and made his way to the front door of the mansion he had driven to.

A moment or two after he rang the doorbell, Ted was a little surprised by who answered the door. " I didn't think you answered your own door, " the scientist remarked as he stepped inside.

" Ted Twiss, it is good that you are visiting here today, " Kendra intoned as she closed the door behind her visitor and walked stiffly behind Ted.

To be continued......
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Re: Dream Fulfillment - Part 7

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Always an enjoyable read. Thanks for posting!
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