Lingerie Shopping - Chapter Eight

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Lingerie Shopping - Chapter Eight

Postby Northern Chill » October 18th, 2010, 7:46 pm

Well, here's the final chapter of this serial...I think it turns out fairly well in the end though I'm not 100% satisfied. Never am, in a way...heh.


Lingerie Shopping


Northern Chill

Author's note: This is a story based on the characters from the Metrobay universe found at which is written by Doctor Robo and illustrated by Finister Foul. There are scenes of nudity, sex, profanity and mild violence in this serial so if this bothers you, move on now. Otherwise, enjoy!

All characters are used with the permission of the original author Doctor Robo.

Chapter Eight - Everything must go

" Welcome, ladies, welcome to Luscious Lingerie! As all of you know or have heard, we are holding one of our legendary one day Special sales today. The staff here will be more than happy to help you with your purchases and fill you in on all the details for our specials. With that, come on in and enjoy your time here at the store! " Hanley exclaimed to the throng of female shoppers waiting for him to step aside.

Moments later, the store was full of women of all ages and sizes as they headed for the aisles and sections with the goods on sale. For more than a few, this trek slowed when they saw the mannequins that were displaying samples of the garments for sale. However, the shoppers were unaware that the mannequins were, in fact, mind controlled women standing on the display stands and some were members of the famous Superheroine Squad that protected Metrobay from the criminal scum that seeks to drain it of the money and resources the city enjoys.

" Say, Bonnie, do you see this black number over here? Weren't you saying that you were looking for something to spice things up when Malcolm came home from that meeting with the APEX executives? " a dark haired woman in a light blue mini dress said to her friend nearby.

" Oh, yeah, Malcolm would like to see me in something like that, for sure. The trouble is, Kim, I don't have nearly the chest that the mannequin wearing has, " Bonnie replied and cast her blue eyes in the part of the display figure the two were gazing at.

Unknown to the two women, the figure on the nearby pedestal was not a store mannequin on display but rather the curvaceous figure of the legendary heroine Ms. Metrobay, also known as Kelly West. The buxom blonde crime fighter had a long history of fighting crime and defeating the most infamous villains known to the populace. At the moment, though, the busty woman was in the mindless servitude of the store manager Mr. Hanley. Commanded to pose as a mannequin and placed atop a specially designed mannequin stand, Ms. Metrobay was dressed in a black bodysuit with a plunging cleavage line that stopped just below her massive mammaries. The mindless model's outfit was complete with clear high heel shoes and a silver and black choker draped around her lovely neck. With her right hand raised upwards as if she was holding something in it, her left hand draped at her side and her head fixed at staring at a point at the store front, Kelly was the epitome of a display model whose true nature was known only by a few of the store workers.

Nearby, two auburn haired women were talking excitedly to each other about the deals and glancing upwards at the figure on display near the lingerie for physically active women. Above them and to the right, the blonde haired heroine known as Alpha Woman was standing as a display figure wearing a blue sports bra that hugged and accentuated her chest, a matching set of panties and white high heels (a bit out of place for an exercise outfit but none of the shoppers seemed to notice). As with the Squad leader and her mother, Alpha Woman's mind was blank save for the slight tingle of pleasure she was experiencing from the dildo wedged into her courtesy of the mannequin stand she was positioned on.

" Hello, young ladies. Is there anything I can help you with today? " a smiling Mr. Hanley inquired as he approached what looked to be two female students from Metrobay University going by the logo emblazoned on their backpacks and general appearance.

" Ummm, yeah, we were looking to, like, maybe try some of these outfits before we buy. Is there a change room that the, ummm, clerks could show us to 'cause we'd like to see what we look like wearing something like that, " the dark haired student with a somewhat slender build and freckled cheeks said as she gestured upwards for emphasis. Above the two college students, there was a silver haired display figure wearing a blue lace bra with matching panties and a sheer black nightie draped over her slender shoulders and completed with blue stiletto shoes that accentuated her figure. In her ordinary frame of mind, Kyla Menlos, also known as the heroine Snowflake, wouldn't choose to wear such an outfit or pose as a store mannequin in a lingerie store. However, under the influence of the APEX technology, Kyla's mind was blank and fixated on following whatever Hanley ordered her to do without question.

" I will display the master's clothes as he has ordered. I will change poses only when the signal is given, " Kyla thought to herself as she stared out at the store with no suggestion that the normal type of thinking was flowing through her mind.

After directing the women to a nearby sales associate, Hanley made his way to the purchase counter, where a line-up of customers was already starting to form to have their selections scanned and totaled. Seeing this, Hanley sidled up near the cash and waited for the purchase to be scanned that qualified for the "special" and the changes in the living mannequins in the store.

As it turned out, Hanley only had to wait a short period of time before a "special" purchase was made by a customer. When it was scanned, the display above the register displayed SPECIAL in big red letters and flashed the word for several seconds. This was followed by the sight of all the living mannequins in the store shaking ever so slightly as the vibrators resonated deep within them and brought all of them to a state of near orgasm almost instantly. Following this, each of the mindless model started to shift and take on new poses according to the unspoken commands each was responding to.

For Kyla, her left arm shifted upwards and the elbow moved outwards as her left hand came to rest with the palm just touching the back of her head. Kyla's right arm moved in front of her with her right hand raised slightly up and towards her. With her right foot edged slightly forwards, it appeared as if the diminutive cold powered heroine was posing for a lingerie photo shoot. In Kyla's mind, though, she was doing as her master had ordered and the delicious sensations she was experiencing as she fulfilled the demands only reinforced these beliefs.

As for the living mannequins, they also adopted new poses in responses to the commands triggered by the sale. In the case of Kelly West, the pleasure was so intense that a thin trickle of fluid flowed down the mannequin stand and pooled around the base. A Lingerie employee, who was warned by Hanley ahead of time to keep an eye out for this kind of thing, moved immediately to remove the fluid accumulating.

For the customers in Luscious Lingerie, the sight of the display figures swiveling and moving like animatronic dolls was a dazzling sight and only increased the buzz and excitement permeating the store, as Hanley planned. With cell phones and iPhones in full use, the numbers swelled noticeably during the rest of the day to the point Hanley was forced to hire several private security guards to ensure the number of customers didn't get overwhelming.

Finally, closing time rolled around but due to the groundswell of customers, the store employees were serving customers an hour past that time. For Hanley, though, this was one time where he didn't mind paying overtime to all of the working staff.

After the doors were secured and the majority of staff went home for the night, the living mannequins were helped off their stands and ordered to take showers in the back area. Once this was done, Hanley commanded the mind controlled women in the attire they wore when they first entered Luscious Lingerie.

" Now, ladies, I want you to return to your homes with fond memories of your time away. If anyone asks, you are to relate the stories I have told each of you with sincerity and have no recollection of the time you have spent here in the store. However, you will find the urge from time to time to return here as a customer and recommend this place to all of your friends in the Squad. Is this understood? " Hanley intoned as he looked at Kelly, Kyla, Caramel and Tina intently for any sign of their minds reasserting.

" Yes master. We hear and we obey. We will do as you command and remember only what you have told us, " the women assembled before Hanley said in a uniform manner before turning and walking out the back door in single file.

" Another promotion successfully concluded and nothing out of the ordinary happened. All that remains for me, I guess, is to deal with Sandra and make sure she doesn't pose a problem down the line, " Hanley mused to himself before asking the sales associate to join him in his office under the guise of discussing the pros and cons of the concluded sale.

A short time later, Sandra was seated in front of Hanley's desk with the store manager situated in his usual spot behind a large stack of papers on his work area. As the two chatted about the sale's success, Hanley moved his right hand slowly towards a scanner that was hidden under a number of billing invoices on his desk. Grasping it, Hanley turned it on as a faint smile appeared on the manager's face.

" I think the whole promotion went over great and those Squad women played their roles perfectly. Now, what are the plans for the next promotion here and how do I figure in them? " Sandra asked Hanley in her usual upfront and brash manner.

" Oh, I know exactly how you'll be fitting in them, " Hanley replied as he grasped the thrallium powered scanner and started to raise it upwards.

Sandra saw Hanley's movements and reached forward to grab the scanner as well.

Moments later, the room had a faint green glow in it....

The next Squad headquarters.......

" Hi, Kelly. What's with the odd look on your face? You find out someone in Metrobay has a bigger chest than you? " Omega Woman remarked as she walked down the group headquarters hallways and saw the veteran heroine Ms. Metrobay staring at a nearby monitor.

" Oh, its nothing really, Violet. I just got back from my business trip and found a dozen packages waiting for me from Luscious Lingerie at home. I had a hard time figuring out why, " Kelly remarked as she scratched her head in a thoughtful manner.

Violet laughed a little upon hearing that. " You're not the only one. Caramel and Tina mentioned the same thing earlier today and I think I heard Kyla talking with Alexis about something similar. From what I was told, all of you were involved in some sort of promotion for Luscious Lingerie. Ring a bell? " the silver haired heroine remarked somewhat casually.

A slight frown appeared on Kelly's face as she thought about what her long time friend had said. After a few moments of silence, a bright smile appeared on the face of the legendary buxom Metrobay heroine " Yeah, that's right! I forgot all about the endorsement I agreed to do with along Tina and the others a little while ago. I must have forgot about with the stuff I was looking into during my trip. You know, Violet, maybe you ought to look into something like that for yourself. You can get something that will really drive the men wild with that figure of yours, " Kelly remarked casually.

Omega Woman was about to respond with her thoughts on that matter when Silver Satin interrupted their conversation. " Sorry to butt in but Tina says there's a report coming in of a disturbance at the Metrobay convention center where the regional cheerleader convention is being held. Apparently, a large number of robot women disguised as convention center workers have taken the women inside as hostages and there are reports some women have been mind controlled in the process. They demand the release of several prisoners from the Funhouse including Belinda Giolla and their leader, who goes by the name Mistress Patricia, has vowed to permanently wind wipe every cheerleader there unless the demands are met, " the heroine intoned in a somewhat dispassionate manner.

" I guess the fun of talking shop gets put on hold for now. Satin, contact the other Squad members and have them meet us at the convention center. Omega Woman and myself will head there immediately and assess how much of a threat the robot women possess, " Ms. Metrobay called out as she and Omega Woman ran for the nearest exit.

" You want me to carry you there in the usual way? " Omega Woman asked as the two emerged outside.

" Yes. Just remember to not let your hands ride up like last time. The tabloids are still printing that picture from months ago, " Kelly intoned as Violet grabbed her around the waist and the two flew off in the direction of the center moments later.


The Luscious Lingerie store had opened in Juneau, Alaska about three months ago and was popular with the local women in the city even with the difficulty of getting in merchandise at times. However, the customers were regularly assured that any shortfalls were temporary in nature and Luscious Lingerie would always have the item they were looking for in stock or something similar.

" I'm not sure why I waited this long to move here and take over management of this store but I'm glad I did. I'll always be glad I came here, " Hanley thought to himself with a slight green tinge in his eyes as he hastened to help a female trucker find a corset she could wear for her next run.

Back in Metrobay, the new manager of Luscious Lingerie had summoned Selling out back for an employment evaluation. After the door was locked behind her, Selina quickly slipped off her clothes before walking stiffly over to the manager's desk. Falling to her knees, Selina leaned forward and started to lick with her tongue repeatedly in the area indicated by the new manager.

" Ahhh, sometimes, it's good to be the one in charge, " Sandra thought as she felt the pleasant sensations of Selina lapping at her pussy steadily as commanded. Sandra knew there would be many more days like this in the future.

Many more.....

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