Lingerie Shopping - Chapter Seven

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Lingerie Shopping - Chapter Seven

Postby Northern Chill » July 19th, 2010, 9:42 am

Ok, this has been long overdue but several factors played into this: a complete computer meltdown and a serious writer's block to get past the steamy stuff in this chapter. I'm not sure if its all that great but this was read by a few people when I posted the first six chapters over at HiP. I'm posting it here as the characters involved are in focus at this site. welcome and appreciated!

Lingerie Shopping


Northern Chill

Author's note:
This is a story based on the characters from the Metrobay universe found at and which are written by Doctor Robo and illustrated by Finister Foul. There are scenes of nudity, sex, profanity and mild violence in this serial so if this bothers you, move on now. Otherwise, enjoy!

All characters are used with the permission of the original author Doctor Robo.

Chapter 7 - After hours fun and relaxation

Hanley watched as the buxom Ms. Metrobay enter the store before turning hs attention to the night security staff and the orders to give to them. Dressed in white blouses, blue pants and flat shoes with red satin jackets, the four women didn't stand out in abnormal way other than the fact that all of them stared straight ahead with blank expressions on their faces.

After contacting the police to come and pick up Desiria and her cohorts, Hanley ordered the security women to patrol the area around the business and act normally if they are approached by anyone on the street and return to the store's back entrance ninety minutes before they opened in the morning. Once the women moved off, Hanley walked back inside the store and looked over the women there before deciding how to get things started.

Hanley asked Cynthia and Nicole to retrieve several sex toys that were stored near the king sized beds that dominated the "relaxation" area as well as the other items used for the night time activities. Turning his attention to the statuesque Ms. Metrobay and Brown Sugar, Hanley ordered the former to set Brown Sugar down and remove the body briefer responsible for her current robotic state. The store manager ordered Cynthia and Nicole to climb onto the nearest bed and start to pleasure themselves before he turned his attention to the object of his desire.

" Fall to your knees and prepare to have my cock between those famous tits of yours! " Hanley intoned as he found himself awed by the physique of Metrobay's body. A minute or two later, a naked Hanley, with the aid of a little lubricant provided by a nearby tube, started sliding his cock back and forth between Metrobay's massive breasts and watched as the blonde haired woman lowered her head and flicked her tongue around the top of Hanley's dick when it emerged as if she was eating an ice cream cone.

" Am. I. Pleasing. You. Master? " Ms. Metrobay intoned as a small trickle of warm cum trickled down from her lower lip.

" Fuck, yes!! Man, I'd love to spend the rest of the night exploring your fantastic looking body, my dear, but I don't want to ignore the other women that make up the inventory of the store, " Hanley murmured with sweat appearing on his forehead as he tried to hold back the pressure building in his cock as he slid it back and forth between Metrobay's legendary tits. Although the store manager had experienced tit fucks in the past, this encounter surpassed the rest by a country mile. After several more seconds, Hanley was unable to hold back the mental barrier any long and a stream of cum flowed onto Metrobay's tits as well as into the corners of the heroine's mouth.

" Mmmmmm, that was everything I dreamed about and more! " Hanley said before bidding the entranced heroine to stand on her feet and join the other women on one of the beds. To his bemusement, he saw that recent acquisitions Kyla and Tina had joined the women on the beds in a scene that was only dreamed about by the most depraved Metrobay male minds. The two women were lying on the bed with Tina on her back massaging her breasts and tweaking her nipples with her eyes half shut as pleasure flowed through her body. This pleasure was being enhanced by Kyla, who was lying between Tina's legs and was lapping at Tina's sex like a hungry kitten drinking from a saucer of fresh milk.

As Tina's enjoyment increased, her latent powers caused everyone else in the back room to experience greater sexual stimulation and the writhing and moaning intensified greatly for all participants. Even Hanley, who usually stayed on the periphery when the ladies engaged in their overnight orgy of lust, found himself joining in and found himself paired up with Sandra, a sales associate at Lingerie who often voice her disapproval of Hanley's actions but willing participant in the orgy. Despite the workplace tensions, she and Hanley were now clawing and groping each other in animal like lust with Sandra moaning that she had to have her boss take him and Hanley doing his best to make her request come true as his hard cock penetrated her sex and deep into the woman.

Outside in the alley at that moment.....

" I have to say, when the criminals of the city are left practically gift wrapped by the Squad members, it makes our job much easier. Trust me, Bonnie, this isn't how most of the perps get caught by members of the CAT team, " Daisy Sanchez muttered as she surveyed the trio of female criminals piled up on the ground in front of them.

" Yeah, I can imagine the weirdos you run into aren't typically unconscious and such. All things being equal, though, I don't mind a quiet case for you feel like it's getting hot all of a sudden? " Bonnie Caldwell replied as she leaned against a brick wall that made up Luscious Lingerie's rear facade. The buxom redhead had moved to the city several months ago and had been assigned to the CAT team shortly thereafter due to her stated ability to deal with any situation no matter how wild and strange it appeared to be. However, Bonnie, dressed in a tight fitting dark blue sweater and matching slacks, was not prepared for the unexpected sensations that started flowing through body suddenly.

" Oh, you're just...huh....yeah, I feel a little strange myself. We should cuff....mmmmm, Bonnie, did I tell you before that you look really sexy in that outfit tonight? " Daisy murmured as she wiped beads of sweat from her reddened cheeks.

" Oh, thanks, Daisy. You look really good yourself. Did I ever tell you how much I like the way your eyes sparkle on a moonlit night? " Bonnie said and pulled her superior to her in an embrace that left their faces inches apart. Without another word spoken, the two kissed passionately with their hands exploring each others body in a fervent manner. Though neither woman had ever experienced any romantic feelings towards the other or even a romantic encounter with other women in the past, Bonnie and Daisy quickly started to explore each other's body with their hands even as they edged towards the back door of Luscious Lingerie.

Inside the back room of Luscious Lingerie, the women were moaning and writhing at a volume that would have awoken people three blocks away except for the sound proof walls Hanley had installed when he first thought of allowing the store "models" to avail themselves to after hours activities. Even with all of this activity, the manager of the store noticed while contemplating his next action the scene in the alleyway. Figuring the women embracing were a couple of local women looking to consummate their relationship without attention, Hanley dismissed what was going on and returned to the activities in the room.

" All right, Sandra, let's get nasty, " Hanley rasped as he walked over to the bed where the store employee was laying. Covered in cum from her many encounters with the mindless models, Sandra looked up at the approaching Hanley and encouraged him with a single finger beckoning. Smiling wryly even as he privately wondered how much longer he could tolerate her attitude in the store, Hanley joined her on the bed and the two were quickly locked together in an embrace of pure lust. After a few moments, Sandra broke free and positioned herself on her hands and knees with her ass swaying seductively in Hanley's direction. Knowing what he was invited into, Hanley quickly moved next to her and after grasping Sandra around the hips, the store manager was soon thrusting deep into Sandra that had a fervor and passion that surprised even him.

The orgy of sex, lust and unabashed desire continued until a bell sounded at precisely five in the morning. With that, all of the women slowly stopped their wild round of pleasuring each other and stood up ramrod straight in front of the beds they were last on. In single file, all of them marched out of the room and into an adjacent area that housed a large communal shower area. With a wide range of shampoos and bathing supplements at hand, the mesmerized heroines stood with the other women and scrubbed their flawless bodies clean. As they did, Hanley took a private shower of his own and mentally planned out what he had laid out for the rest of the day.

Less than thirty minutes later, all of the mind controlled women were lined up for inspection

Meanwhile, in the mattress store next to Luscious Lingerie, Daisy and Bonnie were just rousing from a night of unabashed lesbian lovemaking but unsure why they did what they did. With sheepish looks on their faces, the two Metrobay officers quickly redressed, tidied up and made their way back to the police cruiser with nary a word spoken the entire time. Although they had covered for the time they were 'preoccupied' with headquarters, Bonnie and Daisy knew that there were questions that had to be answered by each other in the near future.

" All right, everyone, we've had a thoroughly enjoyable night and now we're going to be very busy today for our annual one day sale that will bring throngs of Metrobay shoppers through our doors. However, for this sale, I thought we'd increase the pleasure to our models in a rather unique manner. Sandra, could you bring out one of the new mannequin stands that arrived yesterday? " Hanley intoned as he paced before the row of mindless models.

With a mischievous look crossing her face, the store employee, who was now dressed, ventured out of the room for a minute or two before returning with what looked to be an ordinary mannequin display stand. Setting it on the floor, Sandra walked over to Hanley and waited for the manager to explain what was going to happen.

" As Sandra has no doubt noticed, this stand is unlike the routine items we use for displaying the various lingerie items for sale in the store. The top of the stand has been replaced with a flesh colored vibrator that will fit snugly in the vagina of any and all of our mindless models. The vibrator itself has a sensor attached to it that operates on the same wavelength as the scanners we used to acquire our models presently. During today's business hours, the scanners that we use to process sales have been calibrated to send a signal to the stands every time a special is part of the transaction. When the sensor is activated, the vibrator will come one for a brief period of time and this will result in two things happening. First, the vibrator will be activated and send waves of pleasure that will stimulate even these empty headed models, " Hanley intoned as he walked over to where Kyla was standing and tapped gently on the side of her head as if he was knocking on wood.

" The second thing that will happen, and elicit quite a few oohs and aahs from the patrons, is that when the model in the section that has had a special scanned and feels the vibrator, it will trigger a programed move to shift her arms and legs into a new pose that will be just as dazzling and enchanting as the previous one. Each of these living mannequins have been programed with fifty poses in case the traffic in one section is heavier than normal. Now, in case you have any questions, I'll ask the buxom heroine Ms. Metrobay to demonstrate. Step over here, my busty dear, " Hanley intoned in his usual authoritative voice as he gestured towards Kelly.

" I hear and I obey, " Kelly intoned as she marched stiffly over to where the stand was situated. With her pussy still wet from the vigorous stimulation in the orgy she took part, the legendary buxom blonde, with the aid of Sandra, wedged herself onto the flesh colored dildo and assumed a fairly standard mannequin pose upon request by Hanley.

" Now, watch as I use the scanner connected to the computer here and scan an item that is going to be on special today, " Hanley intoned as he picked up a black nightie and ran the scanner over the bar code attached to it.

A second or so later, Kelly twitched ever so slightly with her eyes widening and her lips parting open. The busty blonde, in response to orders unheard by anybody else, shifted her pose with her left arm bending at the elbow and tucking behind her head. Kelly's right arm also bent at the elbow and her right hand swung over her pussy as if she was trying to protect her private area. A sultry smile appeared on her lips even as her right leg shifted slightly forwards to complete an amazing pose that left everyone in the room not mind controlled stunned and a little lost of words.

" Well, ummm, I think the demonstration is more than satisfactory. Shall we get our lovely living models dressed and ready? " Hanley said to Sandra as he nodded towards a nearby clothes rack where lingerie sets were hanging ready for the day ahead.

A very special day indeed.....

To be concluded......
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Re: Lingerie Shopping - Chapter Seven

Postby pelusa1ca » July 26th, 2010, 9:01 pm

Nice to see the story continue. Keep up the good work Northern Chill.

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Re: Lingerie Shopping - Chapter Seven

Postby Northern Chill » August 1st, 2010, 3:14 pm

pelusa1ca wrote:Nice to see the story continue. Keep up the good work Northern Chill.


Thanks, pelusa1ca. This chapter was a bit of a struggle on several levels (computer dying and general difficulty writing the steamy stuff). I'm not sure it came together all that well but I'm glad you enjoyed it.
Check out past covers from stories found here as well as text stories I've written at

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