Dream Fulfillment - part 5

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Dream Fulfillment - part 5

Postby Northern Chill » February 9th, 2010, 1:58 pm

Here's part 5 - apologies in advance for any typos....enjoy!

Dream Fulfillment


Northern Chill

Author's note : This is a serial based on the characters from the Metrobay Universe, created by Finister Foul and Dr. Robo at HiPComix.com and MCcomix.com. The theme of the story picks up on a panel from the story "Tough Love" found there. Given the nature of what happens during this serial, think of this happening on an alternate earth where Crissy, one of the main characters in this serial, is presented with an opportunity to fulfill a secret wish known only to one person in Metrobay. In doing so, however, things may change for others as well.

Chapter 5 - Confrontation....

Even though the upcoming meeting was a routine one, Kyla felt some apprehension that she couldn't shake as she moved down an alleyway courtesy of the ice bridge her cold powers were generating. The young heroine knew Metrobay was home to an eclectic array of villains but ever since she had joined the group known as Grrl Power, Snowflake found herself in a number of bizarre situations. From being converted into a mindless drone by an evil computer to the reprehensible time when she was milked like a cow by a deranged Dairy King, Kyla had found the adventures of defending the citizens of Metrobay to be far more complex than anticipated.

" After encountering deranged mind control freaks, it'll be nice to kick back and talk with Casey about life, guys and the routine stuff in life! " Kyla thought as she neared the area where she had agreed to meet the speedster. Just as Kyla was going to glide to a halt at the end of a deserted street, the ice bridge she was on started to tremble violently and shattered into pieces moments later. Luckily for the diminutive heroine, she was not that far off the ground and landing onto a pile of discarded cardboard boxes unhurt.

" What the heck just happened? " Kyla mused as she slowly pulled herself to her feet and saw two women dressed in skintight catsuits standing at one end of the street. Looking behind her, the young heroine saw another similarly clad woman standing there.

" Kyla. Men. Los. You. Will. Come. With. Us. And. Join. Us, " the lone figure called out in a flat voice.

" Join you? For what? What the heck are you talking about? " Kyla called out even as she privately wondered where she had heard something similar before.

" Snow. Flake. You. Will. Come. And. Join. The. Same. Ness. Do. Not. Re. Sist. Us, " the other two figures said loudly from the other end.

" Ummm, yeah, I get you are saying but I think I like myself as I am! " Kyla called even as she directed a blast of cold energy directly at the figure running towards her.

" OOOFFF!!! " the woman cried out as she slammed against the brick facade of a nearby building and hit the ground hard.

" Yeah, that'll show you ladies that Snowflake can't be treated like a mindless drone. Now, who the...OOOOFFFF!!!! " Kyla started to shout before being struck in the jaw by a punch courtesy of one of the women running past her at a very quick speed. Kyla was knocked to her hands and knees momentarily but kept enough of her senses to deal with the threat. The cold using heroine used her powers to create a sheet of ice on the pavement in front of her speedy attacker and causing the woman to crash to the ground hard.

" All right! Two down, one left! Ready to give up and tell me what you're really up to? " Kyla called out as she slowly pulled herself to her feet and rubbed her sore butt in the process.

" Re. Sist. Ing. Will. Not. Ch. Ange. The. Out. Come. Snow. Flake, " a voice called out from behind Kyla.

" Yeah, yeah, you sound just like one of those villains from a bad scifi movie. Why don't you...hey, wait a second, you look familiar. Is that.....OOOHHHH!!! " Kyla started to say before her words were interrupted by the fact she was rising off the ground as a result of a strong wind that suddenly started to circle around her. Lifting high off the ground, the young heroine tried to grasp for the communicator located in the neck of her costume to summon help but the whirlwind's power combined with her rapidly weakening abilities made this an impossible task.

" Have..to...stop....them...stop....the.... " Kyla thought before the lack of air caused her to black out and her body went limp. Thirty seconds or so later, the whirlwind gradually diminished in strength and the heroine's limp body descended downwards and landed somewhat gently on the bare street pavement.

" Kyla. Men. Los. Will. No. Long. Er. Re. Sist. Join. Ing. The. Same. Ness, " the fembot formerly known as Shadow Rider intoned solemnly.

" She. Will. Join. Us. And. Help. Us. To. Make. The. Mis. Tress. Happy, " the fembot that was once named Daredoll said smoothly and plainly with not a hint of emotion at what the roboticized heroines had planned.


" ..don't understand, Crissy. You say the little program I wrote to give you a temporary taste of what you really want has gone haywire and turned other Squad members into permanent fembots? how could this happen? " Ted said with a perplexed look visible on his face. A small part of him, though, was more than a little curious to see what kind of scene that would look like.

" Well, Ted, I, uhhh, I don't know how to put this but I kinda tried to get around the password protection and I.... " Crissy replied and laid out everything she had done in full detail. As she did, Ted's face took on a range of emotions ranging from anger to sympathy to bewilderment. When Crissy finished her story, Ted sat back in the chair in his hotel room and said nothing as he contemplated what he had heard.

" That's, ummm, that's quite the story. I'm not sure if the problem can be fixed at this point until I get back to my lab and see just how many changes you've made to the original program. Worse case scenario, I'll see if I can work up an alternate program that will restore self autonomy to the, ummm, fembots, " Ted said with a bit of hesitancy in his voice as he wasn't completely certain he could undo what Crissy had done.

" Ok, but I have a special request to make. If you can't turn Marcy and the others back to normal, I, ummm, want you to turn me into a fembot like the others. Considering I'm the one who has caused this disaster, I think, well, it would be a fitting punishment for what I've done to the others, " Crissy replied solemnly.

Ted looked intently at Crissy for a second or two before shaking his head. " No, Crissy, I'm not going to do that. It's not fair to you and I think you might subconsciously still want to be changed into a fembot despite what has happened. Just put this stuff aside for now and let's focus on the present. My car is getting serviced right now so stay with me until the morning and let your nerves settle, ok? " the scientific genius said in a firm yet compassionate manner.

Crissy dropped her head and nodded in understanding. " I guess so. Ummm, does that mean you want me to share your room for the night? I've got this really nice collar I could wear and do a little role playing with you, " she said in her sexiest voice as she leaned in close to Ted and traced her right index finger down his cheek in a seductive manner.

" No, Crissy, this isn't the time for that. Get a room down the hall and stay there for the night. Don't try sleepwalking or something like that tonight, please? " Ted said with a bit of restraint as he knew the offer was one that would be hard to turn down for any man, let alone a man who had already shared a night of intimacy with the light brown haired beauty near him.

Crissy briefly pouted before nodding in agreement. " I guess I have to go along with what you want, Ted. On the way back to Metrobay, maybe we can talk about your plans for the heroines there and a few other things, " Crissy replied before leaning over to kiss Ted on the lips briefly. With that, Crissy turned and slowly left Ted's hotel room with her hips saying slightly as she moved.

After the room door closed, Ted stood up and made his way to the bathroom. " I must be going insane to turn down an offer like that. Maybe I go back to being a mad scientist turning busty heroines into mindless fembots, " he muttered as he prepared to take a long cold shower to cool down the fire burning within him.

Back in Metrobay.......

" Uhhhh, my head! Where am I? What, what's going on? Why am I tied down like some piece of meat? Hey, someone, anyone, answer me!! " Kyla called out groggily at first as the petite heroine realized she was bound to a long table with straps just under her breasts, across her waist and her legs. In addition, Kyla could see her hands were encased in some sort of metal gauntlets that seemed designed to contain her cold generating abilities.

" Snow. Flake. Has. Re. Gained. Conscious. Ness, " Marcy intoned as the fembot depressed a sequence of keys on a nearby desk.

" Huh? Is that you, Marcy? Did Max or something like that Sentius whacko get you under mind control? Let me out of this and I'll help you get back to normal, " Kyla exclaimed as she tried in vain to free herself from her bonds.

" Fem. Bot. Marcy. Is. Not. Under. The. Con. Trol. Of. Those. Two. She. Is. Part. Of. The. Same. Ness. As. You. Will. Soon. Be, " Rollergrrl intoned as the fembot stood next to Kyla and placed a metal collar around the heroine's neck. After attaching a long metal cable to the collar, Aprisa reached forward and started to stiffly manipulate Kyla's breasts in a way that resembled a woman trying to judge the consistency of melons at a grocery store.

" Hey! Knock that crap off! I'm not a stripper or some object to be pawed!! " Kyla cried out defiantly as she saw her former crime fighting colleague pinch and poke her breasts. The silver haired woman blushed slightly as her body reacted involuntarily to the probing and her nipples hardened from the mechanical mimicking ministrations of RollerGrrl.

" Snow. Flake. Has. Breasts. That. Can. Be. En. Hanced. By. Thirty. Five. Per. Cent, " Rollergrrl remarked to an individual Kyla couldn't see behind her.

" Whoah, whoah, whoah! I like my tits just the way they are now! Let me go now and I'm positive that the Squad can get you turned back to norm....HEY!!! " Kyla snapped before she was interrupted by the sensation of two metal cups being lowered onto her bosoms.

" Start. Ing. Po. Wer. Flow. Snow. Flake. Will. Be. Join. Ing. The. Same. Ness. Soon, " Marcy intoned as she depressed several buttons and the humming of a nearby generator started to be heard in the room.

" You can't do this! I read the file about Ted roboticizing Valient Grrl and the other Squad members! They turned the tables on him and I....OHHH!!!....you can't make me think like one of you!! " Kyla exclaimed as she wriggled in her bonds before she felt the first surge of computer programing entering her brain and the collar start to assert control over her will.

" Pro. Gram. Star. Ted. Trans. Fer. At. 4. Per. Cent. And. Grow. Ing, " Rollergrrl intoned as she stared at another monitor nearby.

" You can't make me a robot! I won't give in! I...OHHH!!!...my breasts....they feel...good...mmm.... " Kyla exclaimed even as her cries of indignation became mixed with thoughts of uncontrolled pleasure as she felt her breasts start to be stimulated by the devices attached to them.

" Snow. Flake. Is. Be. Ing. Stim. U. Lated. In. The. Chest. Area. Breast. Growth. Has. Com. Menced, " Marcy said as the fembot stared at the monitor in front of her.

" I....won't let...you....let you..do...this....to...me.... " Kyla moaned as beads of sweat appeared on her forehead as she struggled to keep her mind from being overridden by programing designed to strip away her identity and personality and replace it with the obedience and servitude of a drone.

" Trans. Fer. At. 39. Per. Cent. Sub. Ject. Re. Sist. Ance. To. Data. Lower, " Rollergrrl said as the monitor light reflected off her blank face.

" I...can resist....all day...and..Obey...night...I won't give in and...Fol. Low. Or. Ders, " Kyla gasped as she felt the cold logic seeping into her mind and the desire to follow orders without question became more pervasive. Coupled with the attention being applied to her breasts that was trigging waves of pleasure through her mind, the blonde haired heroine sensed she was losing a battle against a process that had been the victor against more seasoned heroines in the past.

" Con. Ver. Sion. Has. Gone. To. 60. Per. Cent. Cod. Ing. Is. Meet. Ing. Less. Re. Sist. Ance, " Marcy said as she clicked several keys while Shadow Rider stood directly behind her with her arms at her sides and her eyes focused on nothing in particular.

" I...won't...give..up...I....I. Will. Obey. All. Com. Mands. I. Am. A. Fem. Bot, " Kyla moaned as her whole body seemed to relax and the struggle to maintain her independent thinking had finally ended with the cold logic of a human robot now dominant and pervasive in her consciousness.

" Snow. Flake. Is. Accept. Ing. Pro. Gramm. Ing. She. Is. Pro. Gress. Ing. To. Join. Ing. The. Same. Ness, " Rollergrrl said blandly as she clicked several keys on the keyboard in front of her.

" I. Am. Fem. Bot. Snow. Flake. I. Will. Do. As. My. Mis. Tress. Com. Mands. I. Will. O. Bey. All. Orders. I. Am. A. Fembot, " Kyla intoned in an emotionless monotone as the bubbly youthful energy she typically exhibited had been replaced by the cold, flawless logic of the robot women gathered around her.

After they were satisfied the download was completed, the fembots shut down the power going into the collar. This was followed by the table Kyla was strapped to slowly tilting to an upright position and the fembots methodically removed the straps that bound the lithe platinum blonde haired woman to it.

" Fem. Bot. Snow. Flake. Please. Stand. At. Atten. Tion. So. You. May. Be. In. Spect. Ed, " Marcy and Rollergrrl both intoned as they stood on the sides of the newly transformed woman with the fembot formerly known as Shadow Rider checking the collar on Kyla to make sure it was operating normally before disconnecting the power cable attached to it.

" Yes. I. Hear. And. O. Bey, " Kyla intoned as she stepped off the table and stood at attention with her arms at her sides in rigid positions and her eyes, with no visible pupils, staring straight ahead.

" This. Unit. Is. Now. With. In. Accept. Able. Par. Ameters, " Rollergrrl and Marcy both intoned as the two fembots poked and prodded Kyla's body in a concise and methodical manner from her emotionless face down to her stiff feet posed tightly together.

" When. Mechana. Com. Pletes. Her. Task. We. Will. Be. Able. To. Add. To. The. Same. Ness, " the fembots all intoned shortly thereafter as they stood in a line with their newest addition and stared at a computer monitor as it displayed the image of an expensive looking mansion that looked to be in the upscale part of Metrobay.

Below it, in large letters, was one word: EXPANSION.

To be continued.....
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Re: Dream Fulfillment - part 5

Postby pelusa1ca » February 12th, 2010, 9:42 am

Excellent fan fiction Northern Chill.


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Re: Dream Fulfillment - part 5

Postby Doctor Robo » February 12th, 2010, 9:52 am

pelusa1ca wrote:Excellent fan fiction Northern Chill.



I agree completely. This is excellent work. Thanks, NC!
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