Dream Fulfillment - Chapter 4

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Dream Fulfillment - Chapter 4

Postby Northern Chill » December 26th, 2009, 3:58 pm

Dream Fulfillment


Northern Chill

Author's note : This is a serial based on the characters from the Metrobay Universe, created by Finister Foul and Dr. Robo at HiPComix.com and MCcomix.com. The theme of the story picks up on a panel from the story "Tough Love" found there. Given the nature of what happens during this serial, think of this happening on an alternate earth where Crissy, one of the main characters in this serial, is presented with an opportunity to fulfill a secret wish known only to one person in Metrobay. In doing so, however, things may change for others as well.

Chapter 4 - A path is chosen......

" All I wanted is to be turned into a human robot willing to do whatever Ted ordered me to do, no matter what it was. Instead, I have five fellow heroines who have been permanently turned into mindless fembots who do whatever I want. Ted still hasn't come back from his conference and it won't be long until a civilian or one of the squad members figures out something is wrong with five squad members missing and unaccounted for. What to do? What to do? " Crissy thought to herself as she stared at the four women and Mechana standing before her waiting for their next orders.

After a few minutes of silent pondering, Crissy decided to focus her attention on the newest 'recruits'. " Fembots Roller Girl, Speed Demon and Dare Doll, please tell me if you have any meetings planned with Squad members in the next 48 hours, " Crissy asked the trio of speedsters that had been the most recent converts to permanent fembots.

" Mis. Tress. I. Have. No. Mee. Tings. Planned, " Roller Girl intoned in response.

" Mis. Tress. I. Have. No. Mee. Tings. Planned, " Dare Doll responded with nary a flicker emotion coming from her eyes.

" Mis. Tress. I. Am. To. Meet. Snow. Flake. In. Eight. Teen. Hours. To. Dis. Cuss. Work. At. Squad. Head. Quart. Ers, " Shadow Rider replied in a monosyllabic manner.

" Damn it! Ok, ok, we can handle this. I'll call Ted and see when exactly he's getting back in town. Stay here and don't do anything until I come back! " Crissy intoned with a clear note of uneasiness underlying her voice.

" Yes. Mis. Tress. We. Will. Do. As. You. Com. Mand, " the five fembot women intoned as Crissy left the room to get her cell phone and make her call.

A short time later, Crissy returned and her expression showed no sign that she had gotten good news. " Well, Ted is hung up with car problems and won't be coming back for 48 hours at least. I told him I'm driving up to talk to him about something important though I didn't go into specifics. For now, Shadow Rider, I want you to meet with Snowflake as planned but keep the meeting short. To keep people from noticing something is wrong with you, and, ummmm, the others, I'm going to go to that adult clothing store down the block and pick out outfits that would hide your identities to anybody who might see you. Don't leave here in the mean time or try to change anybody while I'm gone. Oh, and I'll need to take your measurements before going, " Crissy intoned to the five before taking out a measuring tape.

" Yes. Mis. Tress. We. Will. Follow. Your. Or. Ders, " the five roboticized women replied and raised their arms upwards in a manner that resembled zombies.

For a moment or two, Crissy was taken aback by what she saw as it reminded her of her time as a Black controllunit under the control of the deranged computer Sentius. Dismissing this as just a coincidence, Crissy quickly took down the numbers she needed and grabbed her purse as she headed out.

Just under an hour later, Crissy returned with five large boxes and five shoe boxes. Sitting them down on the floor, Crissy proceeded to hand each woman except for Mechana one large box and one shoe box and asked them to change into the attire inside one at a time. A short time later, the five women were standing in front of Crissy once again and despite the predicament she found herself in, Crissy took a few moments to admire the outfits she had picked out.

For each woman, she had picked out a hooded, full length latex catsuit that covered them from head to toe except for the face area and high heel boots that ended just above their knees. With small zippers built in to allow access for personal situations and a pair of dark sunglasses to hide their white eyes, the five women showed no overt signs of their new status. As for Mechana, she was a robot anyway and Crissy figured no one would notice any slight changes in her voice pattern. As a subconscious nod to the costumes that the roboticized women normally wore in their heroic duties, Crissy had picked latex outfits whose colors matched the outfits as close as possible.

" They look great!.....this takes me back to those days when Sentius controlled almost the squad for his nefarious purposes....I woke up in a tube wearing some sort of skintight latex outfit....mmmmm.... " Crissy thought with a small smile crossing her face before she snapped back to reality.

" Ok, you all look fine. Shadow Rider, remember what I said about meeting with Snowflake. I'm going out of town to meet with Ted privately and get him to come back as soon as possible and hopefully everybody will be the same soon. Until then, I want everybody to stay out of sight and don't draw attention to yourselves. Other than that, ummm, do stuff like you normally would. Bye! " Crissy said excitedly before dashing out the door with an urgency that was hard to miss.

For several minutes, the four fembots and Mechana were silent as if they were contemplating what to do next. " The. Mis. Tress. Is. Un. Hap. Py. We. Must. Do. Some. Thing. To. Make. Her. Hap. Py, " Mechana intoned to the others around her.

" We. Should. Con. Vert. More. Units. To. Make. Things. The. Same. As. She. Wants, " the fembot formerly known as Dare Doll said as she stiffly turned to face the others.

" We. Can. Not. Con. Vert. More. With. Out. Mis. Tress. Here. We. Must. Do. This. An. Other. Way, " Fembot Marcy intoned as she walked over to a nearby computer and started typing rapidly on the keyboard.

" A. Ccording. To. The. Data. Base. Ted. Twiss. Has. The. Knowl. Edge. But. The. Equip. Ment. Need. Ed. Is. Lo. Cated. At. A. Pex. Labs. We. Must. Go. There. At. Night. And. Get. The. Equip. Ment. We. Need, " Marcy said flatly as she gazed at the archived data Ted kept from his days when he first encountered the Squad and temporarily roboticized a number of the heroines.

" This. Sounds. Logi. Cal. What. Units. Should. Be. The. First. To. Be. Made. The. Same. As. Us? " Fembot Roller Grrl intoned with her blank face showing no sign of emotion whatsoever.

" We. Should. Start. With. This. List, " Marcy responded as she typed rapidly for a minute or two before standing and gesturing towards the monitor screen.

Mechana and the other roboticized women stared at the screen in question and nodded silently in understanding.

At an APEX labs storage building......

Janet yawned as she poured herself a cup of coffee and prepared to start her night monitoring the feed from the large number of security cameras that were installed in and around the warehouse. Given the amount of monitors and high tech alarms located in the building, the auburn haired woman figured it would take a small army to get into the building. As for what was in all the crates, Janet had heard it was confiscated technology from an incident involving the members of the Superheroine Squad. Janet had also seen posts by a person named MIX on internet message boards that claimed the Squad had attempted to take over Metrobay itself only to be foiled at the last second by a key piece of technology malfunctioning. Personally, Janet didn't put much stock in anonymous allegations based on nothing substantial but she did some feelings of mistrust with people who wore masks and could knock holes in a building wall with a single blow.

" Luckily, I don't have to worry about that kind of stuff here. In fact, when I finish taking courses at Metrobay U next summer, I'll be saying good-bye to this dead end job once and for all!! " Janet thought as she rubbed her forehead and closed her eyes for a second or two. When she opened her eyes, the twenty two year old woman was puzzled to see that the images on all of the monitors were flickering and showing signs of some sort of electronic interference.

" What the hell??!! " Janet exclaimed and reached up to adjust the monitor picture feed. However, not only was this adjustment unsuccessful but Janet was shocked when all of the monitors cut out followed by the overhead lights. Luckily for Janet, a back-up generator kicked in moments later or she would have been plunged into total darkness.

" Damn! How the hell could this stuff happen? I'd better call my supervisor and see what I should do next, " Janet said as she fumbled around for her cell phone.

" Halt! " a voice called out from behind Janet that she didn't recognize.

" Huh?! Who, who's th...UHHH!!! " Janet started to say as she turned towards the speaker only to fall to the floor unconscious courtesy of a lightning like blow.

" Fe. Male. Se. Curity. Has. Been. Neu. Tra. Lized. We. Are. Free. To. Get. What. Is. Re. Quired, " Daredoll said robotically as she stood over the woman that she had just knocked out with the aid of her super speed powers.

" Mech. Ana. Has. Neu. Tra. Lized. The. Ro. Bot. Se. Cur. Ity. And. The. Other. Units. Are. Gath. Ering. Up. The. Ma. Terial. We. Need, " Marcy said blandly as she took a position near the unconscious Janet.

" What. Should. Be. Done. With. The. Wo. Man? " Shadow Rider intoned as she joined the other two roboticized women.

" We. Can. Not. Leave. Her. As. She. Could. Dis. Turb. The. Same. Ness. Our. Mis. Tress. Wishes, " Roller Grrl said plainly without a hint of emotion in her voice.

" The. Equip. Ment. Has. Been. Load. Ed. What. Is. To. Be. Done. With. The. Wo. Man? " Mechana intoned as she tossed a part of a security robot that she had ripped apart to the floor with a loud CLANG!!

" We. Will. Take. Her. With. Us. Back. To. The. Lab. To. Make. Sure. Our. Pre. Sence. Is. Not. Re. Port. Ed, " Marcy said plainly and Mechana responded by leaning down, picking up the security woman and slinging her over her shoulder as if Janet was a sack of potatoes.

Less than two hours later..........

" Uhhh...my head....what the hell hit me?....huh?....WHY THE HELL AM I NAKED AND STRAPPED TO A FUCKING TABLE???!!! " Janet exclaimed as she regained consciousness and she was in an unfamiliar location bound to a table that was tilted at a 45 degree angle.

" If. You. Con. Tinue. To. Raise. Your. Voice. A. Bove. A. Nor. Mal. Lev. El. Your. Mouth. Will. Be. Gagged, " Mechana intoned as she switched on some of the equipment that had been taken

" Fine, fine, I'll quiet down. Now, will someone tell me why I'm bound to a table and surrounded by equipment and women that look like something out of a bondage set? " Janet asked in a quieter but urgent manner.

" You. Were. Trans. Port. Ed. Here. To. A. Void. An. In. Ci. Dent. It. Has. Been. De. Ter. Mined. That. You. Will. Be. The. First. One. To. Join. Our. View. Point. With. This. E. Quip. Ment, " Marcy intoned as she took several cables and started attaching them to various parts of Janet's body.

" This. Same. Ness. Will. Be. Done. With. Doc. Tor. Twis. Ted. Orig. I. Nal. Plans. We. Will. Re. Fine. The. Pro. Cess. In. The. Fu. Ture, " Mechana said as she methodically tapped the keys on a nearby keyboard even as the equipment around her started to come to life.

" What??!! Hey, wait a fucking second!! You mean, you're going turn me into something like you??!! No...no..no!!! " Janet exclaimed as her voice once increased in volume only to be drowned by the sound of crackling neutrons as programming started to flood into her mind and her independent thinking started to slip away.

" You can't do this to me! I'm a human being, not a Ro. Bot! This can't be happening! I won't let it!! I won't O. Bey. I have to Do. As. The. Mis. Tress. Com. Mands. No!!! " Janet cried out even as she felt the programming rewriting her thought progress and her ability to resist shrinking by the second.

" I....I... I. Am. A. Fem. Bot. I. Am. Part. Of. The. Same. Ness. I. O. Bey. Or. Ders. From. Mis. Tress. Crissy. I. Am. A. Fem. Bot, " Janet intoned as her pupils disappeared and her face took on a blank expression like the other women standing in the vicinity. For Janet, the only thoughts flowing through her mind concerned obedience and following the instructions of her mistress forever and ever.

" The. Unit. Must. Be. Tes. Ted. To. En. Sure. It. Can. Stim. U. Late. The. Mis. Tress. As. Need. Ed, " Marcy intoned as she removed her bodysuit and glasses and all the other roboticized women did the same.

After Janet was released from the table, she was led to the bed by Marcy and Mechana. Mechana, using her black phallic toy that had proved popular with certain heroines in the past, probed the edges of Janet's pussy in a rhythmic manner while Marcy licked and slurped on Janet's behind in a calculated manner. The three would be joined by the others at various times over the next ninety minutes to ensure Janet was completely up to date with sexual techniques to please Crissy.

Once this was done, there was the matter of Snowflake.....

To be continued.......
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Re: Dream Fulfillment - Chapter 4

Postby Trishbot » December 26th, 2009, 7:09 pm

Quite nice! Can't wait to see how much more trouble Crissy can get into.
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Re: Dream Fulfillment - Chapter 4

Postby Northern Chill » January 28th, 2010, 11:50 am

Just to let everybody know, my computer crashed hard a few days ago with all my work in it. I'm currently using an ancient back-up till they figure out the prob (hopefully just the PSU..knock on wood). Once I get things back and up, I hope to have the next chap done in February with Crissy away while the fembots play...and expand...:)
Check out past covers from stories found here as well as text stories I've written at http://nchill.deviantart.com

"What does this story need?...more Franbot!!!"
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